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Jarvo10 Apr 10, 2018 @ 6:30am
Jarvo Invitational 1v1 (Saturday April 14th) 200 dollar prize pool-
I will be hosting my first Ever tournament this weekend. I will be inviting 8 of the top players to the tournament.

Fomat: Double Elimination

Double Elimination tournaments are almost the same as Single Elimination. With the difference being that there exists a winner's bracket and a loser's bracket. When a player loses a match from the winner's bracket, instead of been eliminated, they are moved to the lower bracket and have one more chance to stay in the tournament by facing off against other players that also lost their match. Eventually, the last player standing in the winner's bracket and from the loser's bracket face off against each other in the grand finals.

Important note that if the winner of loser's bracket wins the grand finals, the grand finals will be played over. Rounds 1 and 2 will be played best of 3 Rounds after that will be best of 5.

Deck Submission
4 Master/Deck combinations must be submitted along with a link to your Steam Profile link via email to . Keep in mind that wild cards are banned, so you can only have one copy of each card in your deck. Also keep in mind that each master can only be used for one deck. These decks can not be altered after the submission deadline. You will have until april 13th 11pm EST to submit your decks.

Also had Jarvo10

Enter the ‘tournament’ room in the Minion Masters in-game chat at least 30 minutes before the tournament starts. To find the ‘tournament’ chatroom, open Minion Masters and type in chat:

The Matches
Matches will be played on Saturday april 14th 2018 starting at 11am EST and will be played until the completion on the tournament. Round 1 and 2 will be best of 3. Rounds after that will be best of 5.

Match result should be emailed to by the winnner with the replays attach

Finding an opponent
See who from the Tournament Brackets you are fighting.

Then if you are NOT being streamed by Jarvo10, you have 5 minutes to start a Friendly Match with that opponent. If your opponent does not respond, contact a Moderator who then also tries to contact the other player. If unsuccessful, it is considered a forfeit and you will move on to the next round. If your opponent shows up before you start your next game, he is given one last chance if he instantly starts the match with you.

If you ARE] being streamed by Jarvo10, you and/or your opponent will be contacted by the staff and told when they are ready for you start.

Delay of Game/AFK Rule
Once a player’s match starts, they have 3 minutes between games to start their next game. Any extra delay may be subjected to penalties including: forfeit of a game or disqualification from the tournament. This will be up to the discretion of the highest ranking staff member present.

Winner Rewards
1st place: 100$
2nd place: 60$
3rd place:40$

Stream the matches will be broadcast at

FAQ and other Rules

Disconnects: The first disconnect will be replayed unless the result of the game is extremely apparent. After a second disconnect without proof of the opponent disconnecting as well, the disconnected player forfeits the current game.

WildCards are NOT ALLOWED. You may NOT have a 2nd or 3rd copy of any card in your deck.

An automatic loss is awarded to anyone who uses an altered or otherwise illegal deck, regardless of the outcome of the game. This only applies to the game where the illegal deck was used.

Try to use Private Messages as much as possible, for example when organizing a
Friendly Match with your opponent.

Pleas contact me Jarvo10 If you have any questions
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