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3FFA Jan 8, 2018 @ 4:32pm
Masters And Mercenaries 1v1 Tournament [Saturday, January 20th] Over $200 Prize Pool - King Puff Cup
You currently have less than 18 hours to signup!
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Hey guys!

As some of you already know we will be hosting the eighth tournament of season 2 on January 20th and will be streaming and commentating the games live this Saturday! We also have a total prize pool of $225 sponsored by BetaDwarf Entertainment!
Please read the rules carefully and thoroughly.

The above imgur album contains the current standings for the 2nd King Puff Circuit. Towards the end of February, we will be inviting the top 16 players of the Circuit to the King Puff Invitational where they will compete for a cash prize. The more players that enter, the more points this tournament will be worth. Every won round earns points. The farther into the tournament that win is, the more points it is worth.

Best of 3, and Best of 5 in the Money Rounds.
Tournament will be in two stages: Group and Final.
Group Stage:
Single Elimination format capped at 128 players. All matches will be best of 3. Seeding will be based on previous tournament performance or rough ladder ranking.
Final Stage: The 8 players that make it through the Group Stage will then play through the Final Stage in Double Elimination format.

Each of the 9 masters have 5 cards assigned to them. After choosing 4 masters to play, you must construct a deck for each of them keeping in mind their assigned cards. Each deck can only be constructed using the mercenary cards* and the cards assigned to their master. You are not forced to use the 5 cards that are assigned to the master, you merely have access to them. Click this link to see a breakdown of the masters and mercenaries[]. Keep in mind that wild cards are banned, so you can only have one copy of each card in your deck.

*Mercenary cards are cards that are not assigned to any master.


Players will ban 2 of their opponents’ Masters each round and play a best of 3 until matches 11, 12, 13, 14, and 15 of the main stage, where they will only ban 1 deck and play a best of 5.

If a player wins with a Master, they can not use that Master again in the same round.

Note: Your opponents will only see what Masters you chose, not any of the cards.

Deck Submission Sign-up:
4 Masters must be submitted along with a link to your Steam Profile link via email to when you signup.You have until 14:00 UTC on January 18th to get your master list to us. EVERYONE with a Steam Account that is at least level 1 and is in good standing with Valve is able to participate!

Sign yourself up here[] after you submit a link to your steam profile and 4 Masters. Please ensure your Challonge and Steam accounts use the same name. Failure to do so may lead to disqualification from the tournament. Reminder that you can assign a nickname to yourself when signing up in challonge if your default name is different from steam.

Next, we’ll need you to add the following accounts to your friends list. These are the commentators, streamers, moderators, and admins of the tournament.

Finally, enter the ‘tournament’ room in the Minion Masters in-game chat at least 30 minutes before the tournament starts. To find the ‘tournament’ chatroom, open Minion Masters and type in chat:
/join tournament
It is recommended to also type ‘/leave global’ so you can focus on the tournament chat.

Knowledge Check (For players who are playing in the King Puff Cup for the first

We suggest new players enter the tournament chat room at least 30 minutes before the tournament starts so that Mods can check whether you are familiar with the rules. The check includes sending the Mods a legal deck of the tournament, and answering 4 questions. Please inform the Moderator you require a check, to ensure you are done with it well before the tournament starts.

The Matches:
The tournament will begin on Saturday, January 20th at 14:00 UTC. The tournament will go on until every match is played. Best of 3 matches except for Best of 5 during the Grand Finals.
Check here to find your local time:

Match results should be emailed by the winner to along with the replays. Please use the following simple format to send match results:
Billy 2 - 1 Johnny

Replays have to be submitted and sent to us after each match for casting purposes and validation of outcome.
To find replays: Go ingame -> click on your Profile Picture -> Match Replays-> Local folder

Finding an opponent
See from the Tournament Brackets who you are fighting.

Then if you are NOT being streamed by tournament staff, you have 5 minutes to start a Friendly Match with that opponent. If your opponent does not respond, contact a Moderator who then also tries to contact the other player. If unsuccessful, it is considered a forfeit and you will move on to the next round. If your opponent shows up before you start your next game, he is given one last chance if he instantly starts the match with you.

If you ARE] being streamed by tournament staff, you and/or your opponent will be contacted by the staff and told when they are ready for you start.

40-minute time limit
Rounds last a maximum of 40 minutes. Moderators can give 20 minutes extra time depending on the situation. If, for example, players are just about to play their last game. If players are unable to finish all the games during this time limit and scoring is still tied, the Moderator will announce the winner according to who seems to be winning (for example health left, minions on the field, etc.) when there is overwhelming evidence pointing towards one side winning, otherwise coin toss.
Rounds played and casted Live will be dealt with on a case by case basis.

The following cash prize will be sent to the top 4 players of the tournament via Paypal:
  • 1st place: $100
  • 2nd place: $60
  • 3rd place: $40
  • 4th place: $25

Thanks to BetaDwarf Entertainment for sponsoring our King Puff Cup Tournaments!

The matches will be broadcasted LIVE on Saturday, January 20th at 14:00 UTC on .

To find your local time, check this link:

FAQ and other rules:
  • Disconnects: The first disconnect will be replayed. After a second disconnect without proof of the opponent disconnecting as well, the disconnected player forfeits the current game.

  • Replays: Find your replays -> Go in game -> click on your Profile Picture -> Match Replays -> Local folder
    Send em via E-Mail as an attachment or upload them on filedropper and email us the link. Email replays to

  • Always check before the tournament starts to see if there were updates to the rules!

  • WildCards are NOT ALLOWED. You may NOT have a 2nd or 3rd copy of any card in your deck.

  • An automatic loss is awarded to anyone who uses an illegal deck, regardless of the outcome of the game. This only applies to the game where the illegal deck was used.

  • We take all kinds of cheating very seriously. If you get caught cheating, you automatically lose and we reserve the right to ban you indefinitely from all King Puff Cups. So please play fair and read the rules carefully. Entering a tournament under two separate accounts (Person A joining as Person A and Person B) is considered cheating and may result in a permanent ban from all tournaments. The following is also considered cheating: changing deck/card/Master in a retry (after a disconnect, for example), match fixing, etc. are all considered forms of cheating.

  • Try to use Private Messages as much as possible, for example when organizing a
    Friendly Match with your opponent.

Minion Masters Discord:

Tournament Admins:
Dipshi t

We’re looking forward to seeing you there!
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Omicron Jan 9, 2018 @ 9:46am 
For your quality of life, I have made a tool that will help you check quickly if your deck complies to rules of this tournament :
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3FFA Jan 17, 2018 @ 12:10pm 
You have less than 18 hours to signup!
Handy Dandy Countdown
3FFA Jan 20, 2018 @ 5:39am 
Tournament starting in 20 minutes! Go watch on !
Dipshit Jan 22, 2018 @ 3:19pm 
Prizes have been distributed.
Dipshit Jan 25, 2018 @ 9:21am 
Youtube VOD is up. Down to just under 5 hours from the original cast of 7 hours and 44 minutes :D Wait times are evil.
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