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Firefly  [developer] Nov 18, 2016 @ 2:41am
Content creator guide: cinematic mode, game replays
Great content creation tools are built right into Angeldust to help you show off your creative skills. All official trailers and screenshots are made using the tools listed here. This topic might be converted into a guide in the future.

Screenshots: picture perfect
Use the 'P' key to take a full-resolution (yes, even Retina) screenshot in lossless PNG format. In-game screenshots get saved in your local user folder. To find them on disk:
  • Windows: open the %appdata% folder in Explorer, look for 'Metagaming B.V.' / 'Angeldust'
  • macOS: open the '~/Library/Application Support/Metagaming B.V./Angeldust' folder
  • Linux: open the '~/.local/share/Metagaming B.V./Angeldust' folder
You can find the .PNG files here and move them elsewhere if you want. Make sure to move all screenshots at once so the file naming can start again at 0.

Of course you can also use the Steam screenshot functionality to capture and upload screenshots directly to Steam!

Cinematic mode: light, camera, action!
Unleash your inner Spielberg or Abrams by activating the cinematic mode. It is listed all the way at the bottom of the options menu, under 'Cinematic'. Enabling cinematic mode will:
  • Set and fix the in-game time to the value of the 'cinematic time' option
  • Hide all user interface elements
  • Enable cinematic camera controls with stabilized 3D movement, rotation and zooming
  • Remove sprite color modulation effects and text balloons

Use the 'cinematic time' menu option to select any 24-hour time in the game to achieve the look you want for your shot or scene. Use 13.30h for a rainy midday, 20.00h for sunset and so on.

Cinematic mode camera control are listed at the bottom of the controls page on the Angeldust website. You can control the camera using keyboard+mouse, controller and touchscreen:

Use the Angeldust or Steam screenshot functionality to capture beautiful screenshots in this mode, or record video using a program like OBS or QuickTime Player.

Game replays: infinite takes
Sometimes your entire film crew is just you. It's hard to do lighting, camera operation and acting at the same time. Angeldust helps you out with game replays.

Going into the options menu from the sign-in screen you can enable 'game replays' under 'Cinematic'. As soon as you sign in to the game Angeldust will start recording all the action. You can now telecharge to your film set and start acting out your script. A big, red '• REC' icon will show on screen while you are recording.

Sign out of the game world once you are done recording. After recording your action, you can disable game replays.

As soon as you finished your first replay the sign-in screen will allow you to switch your game mode (use the left icon on the bottom center of the screen) to 'watch replays' with a green play-icon. Select your desired replay and press the 'watch replay' button. Your replay will start.

While the replay is playing back, you can enable the cinematic mode and fly around the action and create the shots you want. You'll find this is a very powerful recording tool built right into the game. Game replays are forwards-compatible; new versions of Angeldust will play back your older replays.

Again, use the Angeldust or Steam screenshot functionality to capture beautiful screenshots in this mode, or record video using a program like OBS or QuickTime Player.
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starkeron4 Nov 21, 2016 @ 3:54am 
Hey is there any way to edit the .IMY texture files? I am an animator and it would be awesome to make mods for this game please reply me
Firefly  [developer] Nov 21, 2016 @ 5:16am 
Very hard to do right now, but duly noted!
starkeron4 Nov 21, 2016 @ 8:15am 
Okay thanks so much for the fast reply... can you just tell me how to open them in jimp or krita? By the way I would like to help developing thr game for free I see potential on it if you add me I will show you my portfolio

Originally posted by Firefly:
Very hard to do right now, but duly noted!
Firefly  [developer] Nov 21, 2016 @ 10:46am 
These files are heavily optimized and compressed for performance; there is no easy way to get them opened up in a graphics editor right now; sorry!

On portfolio: send me an e-mail (see support page)!
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