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STALSKY  [developer] Aug 3, 2017 @ 3:19pm
Change log
- Undertaker's aura fix

- Enemy fixes in co-op
- Effects fixes in co-op
- New hair
- Fixes for some bosses
- 21:9 UI fixes

- New deadly enemy in dungeons
- Co-op bug fixes
- Quests bug fixes
- UI bug fixes

- UI improvements
- Hand-bomb added
- Extended controller support
- Bug fixes

- Bug fixes

- New characters skin colors
- New "Report" window
- 21:9 UI fixes
- Sounds improvements
- UI improvements
- Performance improvements
- Automatic reassignment of controllers
- Bug fixes

- Yeah! Two-years challenge completed!
- Graphics improvements
- More differences in difficulty levels
- Co-op gameplay improvements
- Balance improvements
- Localisation improvements
- Fixed rare support problems for 2-4 controllers
- "Send log" button in the options menu
- Bug fixes

- Engine update
- Graphics improvements
- New hero skin
- Added hero customisation in survival mode
- UI improvements
- Fixed: camera in the final battle
- Bug fixes

- Fixed: Deft Hands quest, finally
- New hero skin
- Tips French localisation
- Bug fixes

- Yeah! Hero customization which all have been waiting for is here!
- New friendly-kick mechanic in co-op mode
- New input system
- Added character's info tab
- Added tips on loading screens
- Now the character gets experience every time a secret is found
- Many UI improvements
- Fixed: hero control by mouse at couch co-op mode
- Fixed: Deft Hands quest
- Bug fixes

- Co-op: "Extremal" achievement fixed
- Co-op: White cylinders quest fixed
- Co-op: animations fixes
- Bosses balancing
- Graphic effects improvements
- Locations fixes
- Bug fixes

- Quests improvements
- Localisation fixes
- Enemies limits on some locations
- Bug fixes

- New social menu for co-op
- New drop items window
- New achievement
- Achievements fixes
- Bug fixes

- Final Chapter!!!
- New locations
- New enemies
- New deadly bosses
- New equipment
- New skill
- New quests
- New puzzles
- New game mechanics
- New combat balance
- Multiple bug fixes
- Tons of improvements

- Yeah! Finally, we fixed Goblin Shaman at Goblin's Cave
- Fixed: Enemy targeting
- Co-op bug fixes
- Effects bug fixes
- UI bug fixes
- Improvements on some locations

- Balancing
- Improvements on some locations
- Reworked "Crash Site" location
- Bug fixes

- New Music for Chapter 2
- New Location "Northern Forest"
- New achievement
- Fixed bug in dungeon generator
- Bug fixes

- New "Quests" tab
- New feature: inventory upgrade
- Fixed: fog of war in co-op
- Fixed: Red's boss quest
- Bug fixes

- Achievements fixes
- Fixed: Butcher quest
- Fixed: Skill casting during an action
- Skills balance
- Physics fixes
- Bug fixes

- Fixed: Chapter 2 unlock when Red's Boss killed
- Coop: friends level indication
- Coop: gamepad + keyboard support
- Global map improvements
- Bug fixes

- Bug fixes

- Fixed: freezing on loading screen from camp to dungeon
- Bug fixes

- The game world increased more than twice!
- New types of monsters (shooting, exploding, stabbing and more)
- New Epic bosses
- New equipment and weapons
- New game mechanics
- New traps and puzzles
- New types of random dungeons
- New achievements
- New dungeon and many secrets added to Chapter 1 (check 'Crash Site' and 'Camp')
- Decreased cooldown of the hero skills
- Dead Zone control for gamepad
- Added setting to the pause menu
- Added 'Sell all' option for items
- Fixed: encounters in co-op mode
- Fixed: Shaman's fireballs in co-op mode
- Graphics improvements
- Physic improvements
- Balance improvements
- UI improvements
- Enemy AI improvements
- Tons of various bug fixes

- Info for skills and hero parameters
- XP sharing in coop mode
- Quest rewards sharing in coop mode
- Skills UI improvements
- Unlimited random encounters
- Resetting incompleted puzzles when exit location
- Resolution changing in options
- Hotkeys for character and journal windows
- Bosses health regeneration removed
- Fixed: sounds and music controls in the options
- Fixed: healing bar when using item in the inventory
- Fixed: chest items transfer to the inventory
- Bug fixes

- New post effects
- Enemy patrolling
- The character is displayed with the equipment in the save icon
- Added RUE(Russia East) server support
- Now you can delete saved game in the main menu
- Reworked traveling on the global map
- Speeded up traveling on the global map
- Displaying encounter and treasure levels for non-master players on the global map (co-op)
- Not non-master players can see currently selected location on the global map (co-op)
- Added icons and names of current players on the global map (co-op)
- Added icons and names of current players to the location exit window (co-op)
- Now you can enter into the house at the camp
- Fixed: lava damage after death in co-op mode
- Fixed: current item amount is not updated in the shop after item was been bought
- Fixed: healing together on the campfire
- Fixed: sometimes impossible to close the map by 'M' or 'Esc' button pressing
- Fixed: current language is not detected correctly
- Bug fixes

- Reworked Lighting skill
- New weapon trail effect
- Fixed: potential stuck of the Old Miser's quest at the camp
- Bug fixes

- Tree&stone regeneration: trees and stones are regenerated at locations over time
- Added Chinese localization
- New weapon swipe effects
- Fixed: Tornado skill continue to damage after it disappeared
- Fixed: Skills cost aren't shown after any of the skills was upgraded to level 10
- Bug fixes

- Equipped slots: Equipped items no longer take up slots in the inventory
- Balance: Enemy parameters
- Balance: Item prices
- Fixed: two sound tracks plaing on the map
- Bug fixes

- New block mechanic in combat
- Shields
- New survival mode
- Enemy healthbars
- Now hero avoids obstacles
- Auto-attack options
- New music tracks
- Balance: Enemy parameters
- New "Clash on Graveyard" achievement
- New "Clash on Graveyard" leaderboard
- UI improvements
- Bug fixes

- Balance: Game speed increased
- Balance: Enemy parameters
- Balance: Hero skills
- UI fixes
- Bug fixes

- Halloween Madness Event balance
- Fixed: Saving loot on torch
- Bug fixes

- Halloween Madness Event
- Leaderboards
- Co-op 'RU' server added
- Fixed: Camp chest upgrade bug
- Fixed: Controls setup in options
- Fixed: Inventory drag item bug

- Fixed: Tutorial start bug

- Couch Сo-op mode
- New soundtracks added
- Fixed: Goblin Mage bug
- Bug fixes

- Redesigned co-op game list window
- Availability to select a game server for co-op games
- Now you can save the game on lighted torches
- Added pushback for some skilled attacks
- Descriptions for items in inventory
- Bug fixes

- Added chest in Сamp for extra loot
- Fog of war on minimap
- Fixed: Gamepad support
- Bug fixes

- Now you can change the difficulty level of the game!

- New feature: Quest Log
- Small UI fixes
- Bug fixes

- Fixed: Disappearing torches and keys
- Fixed: Disabling character window
- Fixed: Resetting upgraded skills
- Fixed: Some achievements
- Fixed: Healing with campfire in Coop game
- Some enemies attack with pushback
- Shaders optimisation

- Healing at campfire in the Camp
- New interaction with objects
- Balance: decreased monster population in Camp and Tutorial
- Balance: enemy drops
- Balance: enemy parameters
- Fixed: enemies are not spawned in dungeons (Camp)
- Fixed: Character window does not open when hero skill upgraded to highest level
- Fixed: UI sounds
- Fixed: "Smith Hummer quest"

- Fixed bug with hidden column

- Fixed achievements
- Increased character speed
- Fixed quest "Undead's Artifact"
- Fixed quest "Build House"
- Fixed sound control in settings
- Fixed skeletons spawns after death
- Fixed bug when box passes through the gate
- Localization fixes
- Drop is depend on monster type and strength
- Changed Hero level up progress
- "New in version" window

- Fixed cooperative mode
- Fixed distant attack bug
- 32bit support for Windows
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