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Help! I can't login this game
"Error:you can't login at the moment.Try again later."
how to fix it?
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Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 18 @ 9:34am 
Most of the time restarting steam is enough to fix this. If it doesn't help, try to restart your computer and your router. Let me know if it helps.
weird, i have the same problem, i tried all of the fix that are here but none of them worked, my name in ball3d is GordoGG
Hasbi Aug 24 @ 7:23pm 
Exactly the same thing happens to me, I already tried all the steps you detailed
Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 24 @ 10:23pm 
I will contact Steam today to ask for solution.
Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 24 @ 11:05pm 
I have contacted Steam. I have the same problem when I login to Steam Developer Tools when I am making the update of the game. Then I just need to restart Steam.

Is there any chance that someone is using your Steam on other PC or that you are login to any other website or app using the Steam login?

Have you been able to login at least once to Ball 3D?

Do you have any login problems in other multiplayer steam games?
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Well, no one is using my steam, i don't usually log in website using the steam login, everything was fine until yesterday that error happened. Any games i can play with no problem at all. Srry for replying late, i had class a few hours ago.
Hasbi Aug 25 @ 9:57am 
I continue with the error.

-This is the only game in which I have errors.
-Restart the pc and internet.
-Reinstall the game.
-Another person from his pc was able to log into the Ball3D with my account.
-I have the modem ports open.
-I tried to enter from my pc with another steam account and I could not log into the game either.

Hope we can solve it soon.
Thanks for the reply :coolgangster:
Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 25 @ 10:17am 
The problem may be in firewall. Check if the domain is not blocked. Also try to open website and also try to ping, let me know if the ping went OK or not. website is blocked from my web browser, im using mozilla firefox.
Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 25 @ 10:34am 
Try to open the CMD.exe and write: ping

If it's blocked it means you probably blocked in your firewall/antivirus by accident.
Hasbi Aug 25 @ 10:40am 
I have the windows firewall disabled. When pinging, all packets are lost. I can't access the website either.
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Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 25 @ 10:44am 
Try to ping this ip

Do you have any antivirus or malware protection tool, anything like this?
Hasbi Aug 25 @ 10:49am 
I can't access that IP either. Do not use any antivirus or malware. I have already tried it from 2 different computers and from my cell phone. None of it works :steamsad:. A week ago I could login without problems.
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Same problem.
Unusualsoft  [developer] Aug 25 @ 12:43pm 
One of Ball 3D admins had this problem and the answer was to reset his firewall (Windows Defender).

Here you have methods how to reset your firewall, try it:

Restart your computer after this.
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