Ball 3D: Soccer Online

Ball 3D: Soccer Online

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koper Sep 16 @ 5:05am
Many people are playing it online?
Easy to find players online?
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Ukyo Sep 16 @ 9:26am 
Depends of your country. But Maniek is destroying him game since 2015... So i can't tell you if the Ball3D will exists for maybe 5 years?
Unusualsoft  [developer] Sep 17 @ 8:31am 
Hi koper.

Don't listen to people who are saying that I am destroying the game. The game is online since 2012 and it has a dedicated player base since then.

I have made countless updates and put thousands of hours of work to improve the game.

Some people are mad because I am sometimes removing some unbalanced features from the gameplay and they don't like this. They are most likely not able to explain what I am destroying exactly, if asked they will probably say you a few things they don't like. But they will for sure not tell you what I have improved or added:

- antilag
- network code
- dedicated servers
- more options
- 3d grass
- 3d tribunes
- better graphics
- new stadiums
- multiple balls
- bots
- tutorial
- sprint
- new trick
- mute feature and better banning

And other countless features.

If you want to talk to me, game admins or other players then you are invited to join our discord

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