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LazP 🥔 Mar 28, 2017 @ 8:18am
[MUST READ] Discussion Rules
▬ Use common sense.
▬ Stick to Ball 3D related discussions.
▬ Don't troll, spam, annoy or harrass users.
▬ No discrimination or racism in any way.
▬ Use the Sub Forums correctly.
▬ Be patient.

+ Threads may or not be locked if there's a need for it, to stop silly arguments, issue(s) have been solved OR other obvious reasons.

Explanation of each Sub Forum
  • General Discussions
    This sub forum will have any discussion that doesn't make part of both "Opinions & Suggestions" and "Looking to Play" as long at it isn't breaking any rules. Everything that is posted here and should be on one of the Sub Forums will be moved accordingly.

  • Suggestions
    This is where you can leave your suggestions about Ball 3D, you may post suggestions for future updates, features and so on. Please do so constructively, these will be read periodically.

  • Looking to Play
    This is where you may start threads to try to look for people to play with, find friends or reply to threads that are already existent with such intentions.

  • Movies and replays
    This is the only place you may post Ball 3D related videos, movies and replays. Don't use untrusted Links, if possible using the platform "YouTube".

  • Trading
    There's no use for this Sub Forum, since Steam doesn't allow us to remove it, it will stay there, but every topic will be either removed or moved to their corresponding Sub Forum. Who knows that one day we'll have means of trading in Ball 3D.

    Thank you for reading - LazP & Maniek
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