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Issue:Habitat and Skycraper cost/bed ratio do not add up
If follow the pricing to the Habitats, T3 costs 72 nanites and should house 72 colonists, not 66. T1 cost/bed=32/36, T2=52/54. For each T step up the difference is nanites +20, where the bed ratio seems to follow a "cost-2" formula.
Also if in comparison see the Skyscraper price/bed ratios that are T1=66/72, T2=94/120, T3=136/1130 (New!). Seems to me they should have been (roughly) T1=96/98, T2=116/120, T3=136/144.
Outpost ratio 18/16 give also an "logic" in what the others should have as ratio.

Or what is the logic with current ratio?

EDIT: Colony Terminal (new with update Content 2) is no Skycraper T3, but should have been an upgrade T3. The C. Terminal should have been a next step after that, 158/174 (158/158+16)
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Paul T  [developer] Dec 6, 2017 @ 8:04am 
There's a more involved than a simple nanite to colonist ratio. You also have to take the size and electricity cost into account.
StyxAnnihilator Dec 6, 2017 @ 3:06pm 
I did, and still the current logic does not quite add up.
Plot size 2x2 vs 3x3, the Skyscraper use the same as 2 Habitats and 1 Outpost.
Power douled for each type, 8 - 17 - 32 (- 48 CT).
Building big and high are usually more cost efficient than smaller units.
As is the ratios are too good for Skyscrapers with a mismatch towards Habitats.

Can argue that H. T1 cost 32, then S. T1 should cost 2x + a bit more (66). Just that should count in a height difference too, S. T1 ought to cost more than H. T3 too, like 1 "step" up.
Actually should the Habitats have a better ratio the bigger they get, the opposite now.

If to really do analyze, then it get even worse the logic as is. A "real upgrade" of an apartment complex can be done in several ways; Add floors (rarely dig down), expand on the plot (removing green areas), make apartments smaller. If to take a look at the "pictures" of the different houses in Aven Colony, they get taller for each step larger.

If start with the Outpost with 16 persons in one plot, say 8 in each floor (2) and no green areas. Say the Habitat have 1 plot with green areas and 3 with the building. Ought to have more floors than the Outpost, say 2 more (4). Say the apartments are bigger, so 9 on each floor (3 for each plot). iving 4x9=36 for H. T1 (same as curent). The H. T2 have 2 more floors, so 54 (also current), T3=72 with 2 more floors (8). Or is the last one even better ones, or smaller addition, with 6 on each floor (giving 66 as current)?

Then the Skyscraper with 9 plots. Say 6 plots for the building. Ought to be higher than H. T3, so
say 10 floors.Even larger apartments, so 12 on each floor (6x2). Giving S. T1=10x12=120. Then S. T2=144 with 12 floors.
In my first posting I had S. T1 as a 8 floor building with temporary 1 apartment having 3 colonists, giving 98 (96+2).

So what is the logic with current?
EvilBob Dec 8, 2017 @ 9:20am 
Perfect ratios make for bad games. Perfect ratios mean that there is a 'perfect build' at which point you are always building the same colony over and over. Right now they are dangerously close to that line, haven't tried the latest content patch yet. Making it more 'perfect' means that the colony build just gets less interesting.
StyxAnnihilator Dec 8, 2017 @ 10:01am 
What I suggest is not "perfect", just follows a more logic progression. See it as a balancing suggestion.
Sounds you @EvilBob have posted detailed suggestions on how to improve the game then.
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