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Export Grand Boom Sample to unity Problem
Thanks for your software first.

I can't run final game on iPhone 6. It's always black screen when game started.
File size on iPhone: 821M

If all the map is in a scene, then an iPhone can't load such a big scene?

I don't know why. Need someone help .
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SANA  [developer] Jan 25 @ 6:55pm 
Hi, makelive-san

Which version do you use? We recommend to use version 5.6.4 for Unity.

We also have Grand Boom iOS version on app store, so please try to see if it works on your iPhone 6. Please let us know if you still have problems.
makelive Jan 25 @ 7:15pm 
I use unity3d 5.6.4f1.
I am trying unityed 5.6.4p3
SANA  [developer] Jan 26 @ 1:10am 
Hi, makelive-san

Here is additional information about how to compress Asset Bundle by Unity.
For more detail, please visit the following URL:

You can do this with GUI on above Unity 2017, but SMILE GAME BUILDER is currently using Unity 5.X (above 5.6.4p3), so you need to compress with the command line. (# is comments.)

/Applications/Unity/ \ # Unity Command Line Run Command
-batchmode -quit \ # Batch Mode Option
-logFile ./path/to/build.log \ # build log is here
-projectPath ~/path/to/grandboom_unity \ # Your Export Unity Project
-executeMethod BuildCompressedPlayer.Build_iOS # look at grandboom_unity/Assets/Editor/BuildCompressedPlayer/BuildCompressedPlayer.cs

In this code, grandboom_unity/Assets/Editor/BuildCompressedPlayer/BuildCompressedPlayer.cs, you can find the following:

"iOSDevice", # Create Build File ex)/path/to/grandboom_unity_iOS
BuildOptions.CompressWithLz4 | BuildOptions.Il2CPP

When you execute Batch Build, be careful where you want to export Xcode project.

The following is a sample that our dev team execute it.

/Applications/Unity/ \
-batchmode -quit \
-logFile ./Rev.12290.log \
-projectPath ~/Documents/workspace/Rev.12290 \
-executeMethod BuildCompressedPlayer.Build_iOS


And the dev team exported Grand Boom data using product Unity Exporter without any compression, it worked fine.
Please check you don't have any errors on Xcode.

We apologize for your inconvenience, but the divide scene feature is still under development. The dev team is working hard to fix and improve it.

For localization, you can translate it in SMILE GAME BUILDER side.
Open your game > Utilities > Localization Tool

Thank you for using SMILE GAME BUILDER! :-D
makelive Jan 26 @ 4:26am 
SANA, Very Clear!
Thanks for you reply .
I don't know if there have any multiplayer plan. This is my dream, :)
SANA  [developer] Feb 2 @ 5:11pm 
Originally posted by makelive:
SANA, Very Clear!
Thanks for you reply .
I don't know if there have any multiplayer plan. This is my dream, :)

Hi, makelive-san

Good to hear!
Well, for the multiplayer plan, unfortunately, we don't have any plans for it at this moment. But if there is exciting news, we'll let you know ASAP through our Facebook, twitter, and our official website. :-D
SANA  [developer] Feb 22 @ 9:37pm 
Hi, makelive-san

I found a site which explains how to export your games (from SBG ->) from Unity to Android and an easy way of how to compress data.

These are in Japanese, but if you could use some translator, they might help you out. :-)
If the translator doesn't make sense, please let me know. ;-D

-------- How to Export to Android ----------

-------- How to Compress ------------
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