Might & Magic: Heroes VI

Might & Magic: Heroes VI

vietbtran 16/jul/2013 às 0:18
Man is this game hard?
Hey guys, just got the game and i really like it. but im having a lot of trouble! im only on the second map and im having a really hard time beating it...

i cleared everything up until the last fight but by that time my army was already pretty trashed by then, so i decided to back up and build up some units but it takes so damn long. By the time I was ready to fight again the enemy had already take half the map back and he was such a high level! I really dont want to restart the map since its so long and i feel like ill run into the same problem.

how can i build up without having the AI be so strong at the end? my guys spawn so slow and i have to go all the way back to my starting base to get the Praeterans

i was having no trouble with the map until the end. i was beating everything just fine. Its really frustrating me cause i play a lot of rts and strategy games but man i cant wrap my head around this one.

Thanks for any advice! im having a hard time finding tips and guides on this game too for some reason
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Knives 16/jul/2013 às 16:08 
the key is to move fast early in the game and capture as much town and castle as you can.
until you get to the end of the map, it's not much use waiting as the AI will most of the time grow more creature than you so don't waste time waiting.

the skill you select make all the difference too, defensive skill are very powerfull and regeneration and life drain are a must I would say.
offensive ability use lightning bolt and get chain lightning as soon as you hit 15, also the summon earth and water elemental a very very powerfull.

the game has a learning curve, but once you get to know a few trick you are unbeatable :)
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ZestyDogSauce 16/jul/2013 às 20:31 
You can also adjust the difficulty to "custom" where you can set the creature growth of the baddies to low, but still make the computers smart, etc. I agree that the creature growth seems different than previous games, I don't really like how a CPU player can sit on one base and gain more units than I can with multiple towns and forts......... eliminates the strategy imo, since you obviously worked and planned to take out the rest of the bases so that you could outscale the CPU.
thiotes 16/jul/2013 às 22:35 
I also find the "boss fights" kinda too hard in the campaign. Waiting will also not help you, even if you have control over the rest of the map. I think it's mainly because your cities are so limited.
So i put difficulty to lowest and it works, but it isn't fun. I'll see if i can find those custm options, thanks for the tip.
X-the Unknown 17/jul/2013 às 4:01 
play necromancer, they have a building that resurrects all you eliminate units if you raise them within 3 days i use it alll the time after a battle.
4633 17/jul/2013 às 4:02 
Council, don't sit in castle be at war small army and it will be easy!
Crowing 17/jul/2013 às 5:28 
Thanks, I too am having the same issues
Cryogenic 17/jul/2013 às 6:03 
Being fast is definitely key. If you are efficient in battles early game you should be able to take enough towns to get the upper hand.
Concedo Nulli 17/jul/2013 às 6:25 
I'm having the same problems, guess I try the 2nd necromancer map again, but this time faster, because I can't seem to find a way to beat the last guy
Arachnotron 22/jul/2013 às 1:41 
It is helpfull, if you try to minimize the unit-loss early on. For example you can try to make a stack consisting of 1 unit, which can be used on the battlefield as shield, or to "steal" the retaliation of the enemy units, before attacking that enemy with your main stack.

Other helpfull tactics,if you have a mule heroes, who follow your main heroes, and he/she collect the stuff, so it can saves time for your main army.
Deathman.Kenshi 22/jul/2013 às 11:39 
Game is not that hard once you get to understanding that support spells and abilites rule in this game

Unless you play on hard do not spend any ability points on 1st map of campaing and use them on start of 2nd one to get better abilites (On Hard you need Heroism to survive :))

Those are
[Might, Tactics] Reinforcements Rank 1,2 (you need lvl 5 to get Rank 2)
[Magic, Earth] Regen Rank 1,2 (Even on might hero this is great spell to have, rank 1 is usually good enough to keep your XBowmen or Maidens alive without losses (Maidens Tier 2 are great cause they can resurrect your units in battle and disable enemies for 2 turns)
[Might, Paragon] Ambush
[Might, Warfare] Archery Rank 1
[Might, Paragon] Logistic Rank 1 (after you get all above maybe with exception of Regen Tier 2 if you do not get at least 75 mana capacity to use both of them in one short battle)
Last point is up to you, good abilites are stormwind, stormarrows (both air magic), mass stone skin or Tactics (this one is especially usefull even on rank 1 it helps reduce casulties a lot by using terrain). Tactics may be worth getting before ambush but its not that usefull on those low levels, you will find great use from it in later campaings though.

For playing on low level dynastion (or without any dynastion bonuses at all) might heroes are much more powerfull. Especially in campaings where conserving your units and minimising looses is the key to victory.

Btw capturing necropolis city is easier than to get any from Duke !!! At least on hard :)

If you want hints how to play high level heroes feel free to ask

One last thing, do not play EASY ever, if you want just create custom dificulty with easy AI but in game EASY is actually sometims harder than HARD difficulty cause of low unit populations = low xp = low neutral allies = underleveled hero = no road blocks for huge AI heroes armies

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