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JessBethesda  [utvikler] 31. mai 2017 kl. 11:52
Prey - Steam Update v1.04 - Patch Notes
A new update for Prey v1.04 is now available via Steam – see below for instructions.

Update v1.04 includes:
  • Glooing Cook between objectives no longer breaks mission
  • ‘Nightmare is Hunting You’ no longer plays after completing ‘Copy Protection’ without Typhon Neuromods installed
  • Disgruntled Employee mission now properly completes if player finds Grant Lockwood prior to getting mission.
  • Sarah Elazar will now give the code for Cargo Bay B if player has hostility from Phantoms
  • Aaron Ingram will no longer flee and cower when released in Psychotronics
  • Player can no longer lock themselves in the security pharmaceuticals office in Trauma
  • Superfruit no longer appears shrunken and flat when fully grown.
  • Adjusted timing on several cutscenes.
  • Blank objective markers no longer persist above reticle
  • Using key actions while controller prompts are shown will no longer cause a freeze.
  • Tracking bracelets are now sent to Recycler with “Transfer all Junk”
  • Mouse sensitivity no longer affected by extreme FOV settings
  • Several cutscenes adjusted to play properly with modified FOV settings
  • WASD no longer incorrectly functions in menus and TranScribe if directional keys are rebound.
  • Aim Assist will now work as intended if controller is using mouse input instead of stick input.
  • Looting a new weapon without space for its ammo will no longer decrease the amount of ammo
  • Dropping all ammo from an equipped weapon no longer causes invalid ammo UI message
  • Consume Food hotkey now consumes food based on stack size, not inventory order.

Notes - If a Save file has been previously edited manually, it may not function properly.
Deletion of level.dat files may cause game progression to not function properly.

If you run into issues or have questions please let us know in the forums.

Thanks for your support!
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