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HazardHawk Sep 26, 2015 @ 10:00am
Rome: Dos, Don’ts, Fixes, and whatnot! Please post support questions here!
Dos, Don’ts, Fixes, and whatnot!

Disk Version if you own Steam Version:

If you activated your Disk Version to Steam, your disks still work if you wish to play mods.

However, in order to install and patch, Steam has you locked out if you own the Steam version installed or not so you must temporarily uninstall Steam to install Rome in order to get it fully patched.

Please note: Uninstalling Rome in Steam rather than uninstalling Steam, the disk will install to the proper nonSteam Folder, but patches will still default to the Steam Rome Location and break your Steam Version when you install Steam again afterwards.

Please note, uninstalling Steam clears your installed games list when you install Steam again. Simply right click the games you want and verify files to avoid downloading again.

If Rome is installed in Steam and from disk, in some cases launching the disk version will still launch the Steam Version because Steam makes itself default. If you have this, you must rename your Rome Folder in Steam to play from disk so it cannot find the Steam to default to.

STEAM/Disk Version:

No matter your operating system, to keep this simplified as it will not hurt older operating systems running Rome, follow step by step in proper order! Do not even waste time attempting to deal with Steam Support, SEGA, or the Total War Forums (OFFICIAL)! They are using my fix, but only in parts which will not work for everyone and makes getting it to work more difficult in the long run!

First Step, browse into Rome Folder and verify you have four files in the internal preferences folder.


If you do not have the files, go to

Download the preferences folder and drop the contents into place. Membership is free and this is the site you want to get information from if you are interested in mods.

Once you have these four files in place, open Preferences.txt

Here, you need to know your exact desktop Resolution. If you are using an HD Resolution such as 1080p, you need to change it to 1920x1080 which is the exact same setting! I do not care what resolution you use as long as it is full screen and two sets of digits.

If you have a wide screen (longer than tall) make sure


If you have a square screen, make sure


Scroll down and find


Make sure AA is set to OFF as above.
Make sure all resolutions are exactly the same as your desktop as above.

Save, close, right click, select properties, tick the Read Only box, click apply and ok.

This makes sure NOTHING can make changes to this file that are persistent and even changes you make in game will not hold once game is restarted.

Second Step is to go up one level into your Rome Folder. Find RomeTW(.exe) and RomeTW-BI(.exe).
Right click both, select properties, go to compatibility tab, set to run in XP Service Pack 2 mode, click apply and ok for each.

Third step, leave this window open, browse into Windows/System32 and scroll down to find the d3dx9_XX(.dll) files. XX represents number 24 through 43. Drag a box around them, right click, copy, go to Rome Folder, right click in clear, select paste.

Fourth step closes all these windows now and you go to Steam to your games list, right click Rome, select properties, on the window that pops open select Set Launch Options, add –nm –ne, click ok, close properties.

(Disk version:Make a shortcut for desktop, right click, select properties, add at end of text for target after the quotation "space-nmspace-ne" ( -nm -ne) Please do not actually write space and hit the space bar in the words place! LOL)

You should start up and run just fine at this point. If you end up with Rome in a smaller window, you have the resolution set incorrectly so that something does not match.

ALTERNATE for adding –nm if you want the movies and videos in game, download Klite Codec Pack Mega and install setting Media Player Classic as your default Video player. (There may be others that work fine, but this is the one I know and have used since version 1 and have never had adware, spyware, virus, or problems due to the contents.)

Add "-ne" without quotations to the launch options.

NOTE: Adding Klite Codec Pack also cuts into the Intel stuttering a little making it better!

Last section is for performance stuttering due to overpowered equipment made well after Rome, especially for Intel Users, but helps all!

Download a Large Address Aware Enabler:

and use it on both RomeTW.exe and RomeTW-BI

This enables Rome to see and use more than 2GB system Ram and 1GB Video Ram opening them both up to 4GB max.

Go into your video control Panel. In NVIDIA it is listed as Manage 3d settings and I do not remember Catalyst at the moment. Do not change global settings, but change specifically the RomeTW and the Rome TW-BI and set Prerendered Frames to 1

I will edit as needed, but this is the gist of running Rome these days!

MODS General rules for installation...

As some of you have discovered the hard way, most mods are broken after the Steam Conversion patch for online play; Some are not.

Mod Rule #1: No matter that you can just download your Rome again for installation, mame a complete separate manual back up copy of your Rome Folder.

Without this folder, I cannot help you get running again when Steam Cache picks up a modded file as a legit file by mistake. Once picked up, a modded file remains in the cache redownloading over and over leaving Rome broken without a copy of the vanilla files in that manually made backup. Yes, I know steam has a way to back up, but it is suceptible as well.

Mod Rule #2: For a mod to work properly, it must be foldered so as not to replace any vanilla files for Steam to grab up into your cached files.

If there is one that you particularly want that is NOT already contained fully within a mod folder, please allow me to know and I will give the basics, but if that doesnt work, that is as far as I am willing to help with my current lack of available time. Ask my friends and they will tell you I do not support mod installations past telling you where to find what you need in most cases.

If there is a mod that has an installer, I recommend allowing it to install to a dead folder it creates first to make sure it is completely foldered.

If a mod has no instructions for launch, please let me know and I will give you the relevant path as soon as you leave me a message asking for the path to a specifically names mod folder.

When your Rome picks up a modded file as valid, and I say when because if you install mods, eventually it will happen to you.

With a backup folder made manually of Rome...

1)go to your games list and make Steam delete local content.
2)browse into Steam/common/steamapps and make sure there is no Rome Total War Gold folder any longer. If it is there, delete it and empty your recycle bin now!
3)copy your back up folder back into place
4)do not select INSTALL! Rather pick Rome Total War Gold in your games list, right click, select properties, go to local files tab, Verify Local Files!

Now you can play again!

If you do not have a backup folder created, I am sorry, but once Steam Cache picks up a modded file you must uninstall Rome completely, leave it uninstalled for 32 days, then reinstall.

Please NOTE: If you install as little as one hour before Steam resets the cache, you have another 32 days to wait.



Notes to assist:

The above is a Microsoft Certified Free Driver Update Utility. The average user has no idea how to find and which to pick where drivers are concerned for main chips. Inclusion has always been a failing of Windows Update as it is up to driver writers for companies to send them to Microsoft and then Microsoft to publish them.

Windows 10 does a good job once it is caught up, but it still needs to be caught up with the appropriately recognizable versions it looks to replace so this benefits 10 as well as previous windows versions to download, run once to catch up and then remove it. Earlier Windows version users will need to keep it and check it every few weeks.
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HazardHawk Sep 26, 2015 @ 10:45am 
If I have made an assumption about a detail about which you need clarification, please ask so I can fix for everyone!
HazardHawk Sep 26, 2015 @ 5:52pm 
Sticky Please... Anyone else? If nothing else, lets make it a general conversation post so it stays at the top!
iwaky Sep 27, 2015 @ 1:44pm 
Merci pour ce tuto,
mais j'aurai besoin d'aide pour l'étape 3, je ne dispose que de d3dx9.dll (sans les numeros 24 ou 43) dans windos\systme32.
je ne comprend pas lequel je dois prendre avec . et surtout ou je dois le coller.
je ne comprend pas aussi ce que je dois écrire dans l'étape 4 , dois je marqué -nm-ne ou -nm(espace)-ne.
merci si tu me répond :)
HazardHawk Sep 27, 2015 @ 3:34pm 
Windows / System32 trouver le d3dx9_24.dll

Copiez tous les fichiers commençant par d3dx9_ et les coller dans votre dossier principal de Rome où vous trouverez RomeTW.exe

-ne -nm est placé en cliquant droit Rome Total War Gold dans la liste des jeux
sélectionnez Propriétés
"Options de lancement SET" la fenêtre qui apparaît ouvert vers le bas Moyen-cliquez sur
-ne -nm placer dans la zone de texte qui ouvre et cliquez sur OK
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Muppet Sep 28, 2015 @ 12:59am 
Hi Hazard Hawk,

Thanks for all your work on this. I have tried these steps and still can't get Rome Total War Gold Edition to run. When I click play on Steam nothing happens, if I try to run the game directly via the install folder, sometimes nothing happens, sometimes I get a direct x9 message saying it couldn't be found. This is driving me mental!

Do you have any other suggestions? I am using Windows 10
HazardHawk Sep 28, 2015 @ 9:31am 
If you are getting a DirectX 9 error, either the COPY directX files were not placed in the main Rome folder with the EXE files or you have AA turned on still. Just to note, it will not matter that the directX files are in the Rome folder if they were simply moved from System32. A copy of the directX files must remain in system32 and a copy placed in Rome Folder.

If you are not launching from the Steam Menu at all, then I would think you do not have four files in your preferences folder.

I can honestly only make guesses from the information you give me. I can say following the above perfectly works unless you are on a computer without full admin rights for your account.

I am on my way out for the afternoon. Go back through the steps one by one, if it still doesnt work, add me as friend and as soon as I accept remind me. We will go through it together and find the error,

LostSplendour Sep 28, 2015 @ 4:59pm 
I have absolutely no clue what all that stuff meant I typed in but it worked a treat - I've been:servicemedal: after playing this on my laptop for years but never got it running smoothly like this. Thanks Hazardhawk you're a star!
iwaky Sep 29, 2015 @ 9:09am 
hello, Hazardhawk thanks for your fast answer, you great.
i make it but, he doesn't work. i retry again steps by steps and i see.
merci beaucoup :) (désole si ma réponse n'est pas très compréhensible, je suis française et mon anglais est très mauvais ainsi que mes compétences en informatique :) )
HazardHawk Sep 29, 2015 @ 1:39pm 
Originally posted by iwaky:
hello, Hazardhawk thanks for your fast answer, you great.
i make it but, he doesn't work. i retry again steps by steps and i see.
merci beaucoup :) (désole si ma réponse n'est pas très compréhensible, je suis française et mon anglais est très mauvais ainsi que mes compétences en informatique :) )
Please let me know. If you still have a problem, tell me. I do not speak french, but Google Translate works fine; mostly!

You may add me as friend to make it faster if we can find common time. The next 40 hours I am free to rest and help when not resting. Will be busy then for 8 hours and then free all weekend.
iwaky Sep 30, 2015 @ 10:50am 
The game does not work, i add you in my friend. if you free today im ok :)
HazardHawk Sep 30, 2015 @ 11:42am 
I accepted and I am around though I might be a bit slow between replies
HazardHawk Oct 2, 2015 @ 5:08am 
I am away for a few days... Last chance family time before Winter! See Y'all on Sunday evening or Monday morning!
HazardHawk Oct 3, 2015 @ 4:30pm 
Putting back at the top of the page.
bartcusters475 Oct 4, 2015 @ 8:28am 
I tryd all steps save for the launch option (as i want to play EB mod, which need launch options of its own) and unfortunatly it still does not work. God*** windows 10.
HazardHawk Oct 4, 2015 @ 8:44am 
I only guarantee the above to make the game run. Adding mods should not change anything as long as they are completely foldered. If Rome runs, with the launch options any intact foldered mod will run that runs for disk.

I do see some people having a nightmare getting EB running and some it works automatically without any trouble. I personally tried it and thought it sucked out of balance in favor of the player. I never once even had to actually fight and could autosolve everything on highest difficulty.
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