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ladynadiad Oct 4, 2013 @ 12:15pm
Achievement help
Hey, I'm needing some help with a couple of remaining achievements.

Have you killed him yet? - I can get to about 50-60 rounds and then get defeated. Either run out of HP or get hit with Crushing Kill. Any tips? I'm guessing sorcerer is the best class because of Mana Siphon which helps prevent Crushing Kill, and definitely want to be level 50, but it eventually just hits too hard or gets too much red mana for me to have time to drain.

Underdog - What heroes are better for this? Any other general tips here?

Last Hero Standing/Perfect Preparation - What's a good class for this one? Obviously you need some healing ability and a high defense will definitely help, but not sure who would be best overall. I'm thinking sorcerer with a healing potion since sorcerer definitely can do the most damage fast. Barbarian also is good for general damage dealing as well.

Bragging Rights - Anyone else need this one and willing to help a girl out? Or just willing to help a girl out with it?
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ladynadiad Oct 15, 2013 @ 1:11am 
Okay, figured out a trick for Perfect Preparation that may help some folks.

Did it with a level 50 sorcerer. I had Mana Siphon, Mana Blast, Charm, Mirror Shield and Wild Mana for spells, equipped with an epic healing potion (the kind doesn't matter, just want epic and a regular one, not the minor) and just any weapon, I had a witch blade. Don't bother with poison, it's not needed.

Build up enough mana for mana blast, use that. You'll get lots of action points as well, plus doing around 100 damage. If the enemy has a high defense, have mirror shield in effect, that brings their defense down to 0.

Keep your HP up otherwise, I tried to make sure mine didn't drop below 330, out of a total of 377.

Also, when you get a chance to pick a stat boost, pick agility. At this point you're blocking everything unless your defense gets reduced and more action points for more healing.

The key is the battle with Ralthea, of course, you have to end that with max HP. Well, if you kept your HP up this isn't too bad. Make sure she can't get too many action points, keep mirror shield up, mana blast her when you can, heal afterwards til you get to max, repeat.
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Kholdestare Oct 15, 2013 @ 10:11am 
I'm really glad you posted this, I was having trouble with the same thing. The yeti is a hard enemy WITHOUT having to make it last 100 turns. Thanks for the tip.
ladynadiad Oct 16, 2013 @ 12:35am 
Finally got Last Man Standing. Really, it seems best to just try and get Perfect Preparation and Last Man Standing at the same time because beating the green dragon is far easier when you start at 100% health.

Pretty much go with the same thing I mentioned above, keep yuor HP up and Mana Blast like crazy. Another thing you want to add to strategy is to mana siphon like crazy. Keep the dragon's green mana low, then you get less damage from tail whip.

And definitely have mirror shield up before doing a mana blast. The green dragon has a moderate defense, but seems like it blocks every mana blast unless you have mirror shield, and with 1131 HP, you need every bit of damage you can get and fast.

Also, try to keep above 200HP until you get the dragon below 200HP. Once you have it below 200HP, you don't need to worry about healing any longer, just build mana fast, siphon as needed from the dragon,keep mirror shield up and blast away.

I also did find that endurance mode enemies are random, only for sure is that it starts with the rat swarm and ends with the green dragon. You also can get the two headed ogre instead of Ralthea for the second to last one, two headed ogre is a similar method as her, though it was a bit trickier because double headbutt can mess up your ability to heal and its weapon hits harder. Still doable, I was able to have max health at the end of that one too.

And for underdog, I noticed the ghoul is a choice for second hero and it seems to have the best healing ability. That may be key to getting that one. Going to experiment with that a bit. Going to try and work on the yeti a bit and see if I come up with more ideas there. I only have four remaining achievements now.
ladynadiad Oct 16, 2013 @ 10:30pm 
Got the yeti down in over 100 rounds now. Basically used the same strategy as I did with the dragon in Last Man Standing except siphoned red mana instead of green.

You want to try and keep the yeti's red mana below 30, some of this is luck because I had two points where it creeped up and I just lucked out and didn't get crushing kill used. Keep 20+ purple mana at all times to be ready for a siphon, use wild mana if needed to get some quick purple mana. I found a siphon of blue once it had a lot helped as well because it doesn't heal when you siphon blue mana, but you gain plenty that way. I also attempted to target red mana for matches when possible.

Also kept mirror shield up, healed when there was a chance and did a mana blast about every 25 rounds. Once I counted it was at 100, I went all out for a quick kill, by that point it was at 130 HP, had a mana blast ready, then used my witch blade, happened to crit and done. Beat it on turn 101.
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