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ladynadiad Aug 28, 2013 @ 10:37pm
Green Dragon
Anyone have any tips for beating it? It's the only monster I can't beat right now, at best I can get it below 300HP before I get killed.

I'm playing as the assassin, level 50.
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Noregret0 Aug 29, 2013 @ 2:14pm 
On this walkthrough [www.neoseeker.com] there is a strategy for beating the dragon with the assassin. This isn't the strategy that I used but it looks promising and I don't realy feel like typing mine out right now so I'll copy paste this other strategy here:

Originally posted by Matthew Pumphrey:
The Green Dragons weapons are paltry compared to some later in the game.
Dealing 26 and 20 damage respectfully. His strongest spell is his Breathe
Poison spell. It only deals 3 points of damage per turn, but it lasts for 100
turns. That's 300 damage overall if the battle lasts 100 turns. The good news
is that it can only be cast once per battle, so if you have the means of
removing it do so and that spell will be no more threat for the rest of the
battle. Tail Whip will deal 25 damage plus more for his Green Mana. Finally
Wing Buffet will destroy all the Green Mana gems on the board giving the Green
Dragon full benefit of the Green Mana. Bring your largest combos, best poison,
and means to heal yourself if you have trouble surviving. If you wait until
post-game to defeat the dragon you should have enough armor to protect you from
all of his direct damage attacks. You should also have a poison that will deal
double or triple his poison damage. It will be a close balance, but one that
you can overcome.

Quest Reward
Gold: +800
Exp: +4000

As I said before, for most this will be the hardest battle they face in the
game. I personally played through as an assassin. When I beat the Green
Dragon I had the following.


Level 50 Spells
Hit Points - 428
Strength - 15 Blackjack
Agility - 37 Swiftstrike
Intelligence - 8 Disarm
Stamina - 16 Stealth
Morale - 24 Calm

I was equiped with Epic Draconic Chainmail Helm, Legendary Draconic Pendant,
Masterwork Scalemail Armor, Epic Runic Scalemail Boots, Epic Daemonic
Nightblade, Epic Hellforged Manticore Poison.

These items and stats give a total of +7 Skull Damage, 95 Defense.
Many people might ask why I didn't use a higher WYvern Poison. Simply put the
Action Point cost of the Wyvern point is so much higher than the Manticore that
you spend more time gathering Action Points for the increased damage. Those
extra Action Points are better used, in my opinion, on a direct damage weapon.

I used Calm solely to remove the Breathe Poison effect. Since this fight is so
long you will take 30-40 turns or more in damage. That one spell used only
once prevernted over a hundred points of damage. I used Blackjack everytime it
was available to buy me more turns of action and the dragon less. I then used
my watered down combo of Blackjack+Disarm+Stealth to get 8 times damage for my

It is a long battle and it took me three attempts with this set up.

I hope this helps. Good luck! :D:
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ladynadiad Aug 29, 2013 @ 11:54pm 
Yeah, that strategy did work pretty well! Only thing I'd edit is to pick freezing strike instead of swift strike because there were almost never many yellow gems around.
Noregret0 Aug 30, 2013 @ 1:29am 
Sweet, I'm glad it worked for you! :D:
Stressthesky Sep 29, 2013 @ 9:15am 
I had two poison knives, and for spells I used freezing strike, burning strike, swift strike, stone strike and stealth. Once you see that one of your spells can transform into 4 or more purple gems then use your spell. Usually with all 4 strike spells if you get lucky you can make some insane combos and just keep hitting the enemy over and over. Once you've exhausted all options use the stealth spell. Your purple bar should be full and all damage will now be absorbed here. If you can't match up purple gems, then use the poison knives to deal damage. Different poisons will stack. So use Manticore and Arachne. With those fully upgraded I was doing 15 damage per turn in poison damage for 8 turns. Once they stop just reapply.
For armor I was using gear with high defence and spell resist as a passive bonus. This usually knocks all damage in half, and a lot of the enemies spells will not work.

This was how I entered this battle and did it on my first try.
FastTadpole Jan 2, 2014 @ 6:17am 
On Normal witha a sorcerer. Red Mana potion. Skill+ on INT (33) to counter Dragon's Resist. Constant Posion. Used battle cry to extend my turn creatively Banestorm, Wild Mana and Chasam (handy as Dragon loves to turn ♥♥♥♥e purple), Finger of Death and I was getting 10+ turns in a row regularly by keeping my blue and red mana stores high. amd with Banestorm and a lot of +2 Skull bonus items I managed to score big damage on skull hits.
Batyaneko Jul 2, 2014 @ 5:03am 
Did it on first try as assassin with Weaken, Burning Strike, Disarm, Stealth and Calm. Weakening his red/green mana and striking red mana, so he can't get enough on Tail Whip.
keedor Apr 27, 2015 @ 2:39pm 
Unfortunately I have hit a brick wall facing the Green Dragon as the Barbarian.

Does anyone know any good strategies for this character to win the battle? I have tried various tactics with little success so far.
kalirion May 17, 2015 @ 10:56pm 
Just got to that ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ on Endurance with a level 34 Assassin. With 66HP.


This was my first attempt at the endurance run, and I was very sad that it turned out the mid-Endurance stat rewards do not carry into the Quest/Campaign :(

Do you get anything at all for clearing Endurance, beyond some achievement?
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