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TROUBLESHOOTER: Abandoned Children

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Multiplayer content ?
First of all i would like to thank Dandylion for his reactivity on everything, this wonderful game, his hard work and for answering everyone.
We can all see that this guy is doing his best for the game.

My question is about multiplayer content that might be coming at the end of this year when close to full release.

I browsed the forums a little bit and did not find any answer for my question.

You say that multiplayer content will be added for full release, what kind of content exactly and how will this work ? (I'm highly excited fo this one)
Plus, i fear this will be a "niche" game and if not advertised properly for launch, i fear the lack of players to maintain servers maintenance costs.

I could read somewhere that if playerbase is too low, the game will be solo, is this true ?

I truly want to thumbs this game up but i lack multiplayer information. I bet the game still gonna be nice for solo but multiplayer would be really awesome and it would be such a shame if it does not work this way...

Thanks for reading/answering.
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Dandylion  [developer] Jul 12, 2018 @ 3:18am 
First of all, sorry for the late reply.

1. Adding multiplayer contents has nothing to do with full release. Before full release, multiplayer contents could be released. We are focusing single contetns now. Because many users wanted the more team mates and scenario missions. So It will be released when the single contents got enough volume.

2. We think Coop, PVP, trading items and clan systems as multiplayer contents. This is just plan and can be changed. The most important thing is that we won't force the user to compete.

3. Lack of's a key of successful multiplayer game. Though the Troubleshooter is story based game but I'm not sure how much the multiplayer contents affect to solo playing now.

Hope this help. Thank you.
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