Titans of Space 2.0

Titans of Space 2.0

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DrashVR  [developer] Jun 14, 2016 @ 11:57pm
Update #1 Changelog (June 15, 2016)
  1. Improved handling of controller disconnects, left/right detection, and overall consistency
  2. Improved controller haptics when continuing to next tour stop.

  1. New "Closeup" feature. This replaces the Zoom feature. Bring the planet or moon to you using the right trigger on your gamepad or index finger trigger on either hand controller. This was done to increase comfort, and to allow the player to naturally inspect the planet or moon with head or hands.
  2. Updated Sun & large star appearance with animated surfaces and other improvements.
  3. Added auroras to several solar system bodies
  4. Improved bumps on solar system bodies for a more natural look and to avoid bump mapping pop-in.
  5. Additional dashboard/cockpit polish (still a WIP)
  6. Io is now shaped as a slight ellipsoid.
  7. Juno spacecraft is now spinning at real rate

  1. For those with unusual monitor configurations, a potentially helpful launch option has been added:
    -noforceresolution This will leave the mirrored desktop window alone, allowing you to hold Shift while starting the app directly from its installation folder in order to configure desired resolution and display. Without this, the default behavior is an 800x800 window, or if -fullscreen is specified, it will be fullscreen at the highest detected resolution.

  1. Various UI improvements (still a WIP).

  1. Saturn's ring debris is now hidden when viewing Solar System closeup.
  2. May no longer fire up probe launcher while orbiting a body.
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