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JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Nov 7, 2019 @ 2:48am
Northgard Patch/Update Notes
Welcome to the Northgard Patch Notes thread, where we will be hosting the contents of all of our updates, hotfixes and patch notes going forward.

These updates will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries with regard to any of the updates visit the bug report subforum or submit a ticket to our support site at where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

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Mac - shiro Jun 10, 2021 @ 8:00am 
Update version v2.5.4.21848:

- Fixed several crashing issues
- Fixed blocked Eldthurs on the Bifröst tile, chapter 11 of Story Mode
- Sailors with the Longship Dock in an eldritch zone now benefit from periodical production bonuses. (Yggdrasil’s root relic)
Mac - shiro Jun 15, 2021 @ 6:32am 
Update version v2.5.5.21897:
- Conquest battle "Helheim Invasion" is fixed. Invasions no longer come every month
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Mac - shiro Jun 28, 2021 @ 7:20am 
Northgard v2.5.5.22098:

- “A new week has begun. Please update your game” warning message should no longer be displayed
Mac - shiro Jul 21, 2021 @ 8:06am 
Balance Patch #7 has arrived!

With this update, we’ve made a number of game changing additions and alterations based on your wonderful feedback, which you can read all about here - Balancing Patch 7 - July 2021
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Mac - shiro Jul 22, 2021 @ 1:35am 
Update version v2.5.15.22375:

- Fixed Myrkalfars attacking year 800
- Fixed Seafood Buffet values
- Add a link to the patch note in the main menu
- Fixed missing notifications
- Fixed tooltip behind active window
- Fixed Scorched Earth. It wasn’t giving the right amount of resources from loot on enemy zones.
- Destroy a town hall now triggers defeat
- Time to get a Jötunn increased by 20%
- Fixed villagers suffering from resource production malus as soon as they were hurt
- Fixed debug messages displayed in modded map
- Fixed an issue with the Clan of the Goat causing server issues
- Fixed unlimited free feast for the Clan of the Goat
- Fixed villagers no longer spawning with the Clan of the Goat
- Poisonous swamp tiles are removed
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Mac - shiro Jul 26, 2021 @ 8:22am 
Update version v2.5.18.22416:

- Fixed server issues and endless loading screen when picking the same clan in the same team .
- Fixed reward for TownHall decolonisation
- Fixed Goat clan sheep crash after using Selling & Sacrifice at the same time on the same sheep
- Fixed free feast for the Goat clan being displayed on the calendar for all players and provoking crash
- Korean localisation is back
- VFX of scabbard of gram is no longer visible for your enemies in the Landvidi
- Fixed several issues with the Giant Boar
- Fixed Seafood buffet issue with defensive power on upgraded units
- ‘Life is Over-Rated’ achievement is corrected (Kill a Jotnar with an undead Jotnar)
Mac - shiro Jul 28, 2021 @ 5:55am 
Update version v2.5.19.22446:

- Valkyries no longer produce happiness
- Kraken tech “Endless Tide”: Increases all your military units’ attack power by 20%=>10%
- Forging time for raid improvements set at 6 => 3 months
- Fixed Stag’s annexation ability
- Fixed several crashing issues
- Fixed issues while playing in Korean (Black screen, infinite loading screen…)
- We removed the Giant Boar spawning animation and VFX. It sometimes made the Giant Boar invisible and uncontrollable.
Mac - shiro Aug 9, 2021 @ 6:55am 
Update version v2.5.21.22545:

- Fixed program errors that impacted game performance during long games
- Valhalla’s reinforcement: Valkyrie appears at your Town Hall. You can control 1 more Valkyrie. Valkyries passive regeneration increases by 100% and works on High Tide tiles.
- Mask of Gullinbursti: Summoning the giant boar costs 200 => 150 lore
- Fame 500 of the Clan of the Goat: You gain 1 free feast per year. Your Defense Towers and your units gain 25% => 15% resistance in your territory when feasting.
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Mac - shiro Aug 11, 2021 @ 2:54am 
Update version v2.5.22.22563

- Mielikki is no longer cancelled when she’s attacked and using the Oskoreia ability
- The small white line is no longer displayed on the HP bar when a villager is injured under 80% of his health
- The production penalty icon (drop of blood) is no longer displayed when a unit is wounded and then healed at 100%
- When a villager HP is under 80%, he suffers a production penalty. He then needs to be fully healed to remove this penalty.
Mac - shiro Aug 22, 2021 @ 11:36pm 
Update version v2.5.24.22669

- Fixed Dragonkin SFX, transforming a unit into a Dragonkin Altar no longer triggers the sound for everyone in the game.
- SFX of units you do not own and which are not displayed on your screen do not play anymore.
- Buildings are no longer visible in the fog of war
- If the clan of the Squirrel meals only for his team mates he gets fame as intended.
- Valkyrie’s passive ability “regeneration” text corrected in french.
- Fixed Ram ability from Torfin which was not working while there were no enemies on the tile the ability has been triggered on.
- Fixed wrong value displayed in “The value of Great deeds” tech from the Clan of the Stag
- Fixed Myrkalfars attacking at the start of the game.
- Fixed multiple achievements/expeditions not triggering upon completion.
'Hot Water' - 'Northern SPA' - 'Contact with Thor' - 'Thor Fanatic' - 'Bird Enthusiast' - 'Bird Lover' - 'Let Me Borrow This...' - 'Mimirsbruh' - 'Gardening' - 'Another Shrubbery'
Mac - shiro Oct 6, 2021 @ 6:32am 
We are very happy to finally present to you the sixth major free update to Northgard, Krowns & Daggers, which introduces a host of new features, gameplay additions, units, buildings and even a new neutral faction to Northgard!

Find out more here -
Mac - shiro Oct 11, 2021 @ 6:49am 
Update version v2.6.2.23500

-Fixed game crashes during events.
-Lost information in the "profile" section should be recovered.
-Fixed several UI issues
-'homeland’ was no longer displayed in the trade route list from the clan of the Raven, it is corrected.
-Fixed neutral faction decolonising a befriended clan’s zone.
-All the new Kröwns and Daggers features are scriptable for mods at this time. (Documentation is not yet published.)
-Negative happiness is now displayed in red when negative in ‘spy’ notifications
-Coinage was sometimes not working as intended when cumulated with other knowledge bonuses. It’s corrected.
-Eradicating a clan no longer gives military XP
-Militia no longer consumes wood or food and aren't affected by happiness.
-Lore costs for Knowledge have been readjusted.
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Mac - shiro Oct 11, 2021 @ 6:49am 
Update version v2.6.3.23530

- Several UI improvements
- Ambient SFX for gemstones removed.
- Fixed warchief animation of the Clan of the Squirrel
- Correction of the wrong colors displayed on the warchiefs' outfits. They did not match the clan’s color.
- “no work” state reworked for Dwarven Operatives
- Fixed crash when loading the Chapter 8 of story mode.
- Fixed crash when a ceremonial bonfire event is triggered.
- Fixed crash when a controlled jötunn champion died.
- Fixed several other crashing issues.
- Conquest bonus “Tools costs no ressources and forge time is divided by 2” can no longer be generated for Dwarven Operatives and emissaries.
- Fixed positive fame value displayed when Dwarves were defeated.
- All the new Kröwns and Daggers features are now scriptable for mods.
Mac - shiro Oct 14, 2021 @ 7:54am 
Patch Northgard v2.6.4.23618

- Event “The Dwarven Prospectors”: gemstones can no longer appear on a tile with another type of ore.
- Fixed several issues with modded map.
- The Cold War achievement is fixed. It wasn’t working for the host in multiplayer.
- You can now betray befriended neutral factions and declare them war.
- Day count of the cooking icon of the clan of the squirrel is fixed.
- Fixed several UI issues
- Fixed issue with villagers not triggering the “not working” status
- Fixed a visual bug with dead thralls.
- Fixed wrong values displayed in rivalry tooltips for “Bullying” and “Manhunt”
- Fixed a crash while hovering the icon of the meal of the clan of the Squirrel in the game history.
- Achievement “I'm not in peak condition!” replaced by "I saw some lights : Colonize a zone with a Ceremonial Bonfire during the "Ceremonial Bonfire" event.”
- Achievement “This is FINE…“ is replaced by "What is better than 1 Giant Champion ?" : Unlock 2 Giants' Champion in 1 game”
- Some achievements with the special rules [Not in story mode] no longer have this rule.
- Meteo is now synchronized between all players in the game.
- Sentences in the Rivalry window are now available in supported languages
Mac - shiro Oct 21, 2021 @ 8:29am 
Patch Northgard v2.6.5.23729

- Fixed notifications for the clan of the Snake when Signy grows up.
- Achievement “Cold War” should work now.
- Fixed neutral factions colonising behaviour.
- Conquest bonus “+5 production for Dwarven Operatives” can no longer be generated for Dwarven Operatives and emissaries.
- Competitive events are disabled in conquest mission “Greed’s price”
- Fixed several UI issues.
- In Huge maps and balanced generation, Jötnar are limited to 4 factions as intended.
- In Expeditions, the achievement “Build the Relic of Gefjun's Jar” is no longer unique to the Clan of the Goat.
- “??” is no longer displayed on the “Victory” or “Defeat” screen in Chinese.
- The HP bar of defense towers is shown in the colour of the clan to which they belong
- Fixed the victory screen which could display defeat when you stayed on the victory screen.
- The button to access the “Esc” menu is back on the mini-map.
- The “Kingdom of the Kobolds” trade route is no longer available once the player has betrayed the Kobolds.

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