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JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Nov 7, 2019 @ 2:48am
Northgard Patch/Update Notes
Welcome to the Northgard Patch Notes thread, where we will be hosting the contents of all of our updates, hotfixes and patch notes going forward.

These updates will download automatically from Steam. If you have any problems/queries with regard to any of the updates visit the bug report subforum or submit a ticket to our support site at where our Support Team will be ready to assist.

Shiro Games
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JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Nov 7, 2019 @ 2:49am 
Patch Note New version on steam : and

- Fixed a bug with the Thor’s wrath. It is no longer possible to build in it.
- Fixed a crash when selecting the cross in the story mode selection
- It is no longer possible to build infinite Altars of Kings in “Keep it Simple”
- Fixed Bear’s second bonus in Conquest: It was written ‘Sheildbearer’ instead of ‘Shieldbearer’.
- Fixed a bug that gave 14 iron instead of 15 and 29 stone instead of 30 when mining.
- Fixed Goat’s second bonus in Conquest: “Barricades” lore was granted as normal lore. It is now free.
- Fixed a bug that allowed Blood Moon and Kraken Attack events in campaign mode.
- Technology tree reimplemented in the Bifrost battle. (Conquest)
- Getting a crash during one of the conquest battles was blocking some achievements. It has been fixed.
- You can now choose between P2P / US and EU servers with the Conquest mode.
- Bifrost Battle: In coop, the time limit to win was set at 12 years instead of 6.
- Fixed the Wonder Builder Achievement. Moving Scalinn Relic was triggering the achievement.
- Great trades routes stop when they are on fire.
JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Nov 7, 2019 @ 2:49am 
Update version on steam:

- Fame brought by sailors went to 0.01 instead of 0.025
- Imported Knowledge battle: Lore is now cheaper.
- IA has been improved for the following missions:
  • Surrounded
  • Befriend the Jotnar
- Difficulty has been lowered for the following missions:
  • Call of Blood
  • Inner Sea
  • Invasion from Helheim
  • Surrounded
  • Befriend the Jotnar
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JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Nov 8, 2019 @ 7:41am 
Update version on steam:

- AI in ‘villagers strike’ has been improved.
- Sometimes events in campaign mode were bugged and blocking the rest of the game. This has been fixed.
- Fixed the “Nothing Personal” achievement.
- Iron deposits can’t spawn on a Wyvern anymore.
- Fixed the scroll bar in the ‘Continue’ menu of the Conquest mode.
- Incorrect icon for “Invasion from Muspell” has been replaced.
- Fixed a bug that caused fields to flicker during placement.
- Fixed pink squares which were replacing special characters in the russian game version.
- It is no longer possible to colonize an Undead Wyvern while it is reviving.
- Fixed “Greed’s Price” battle where sometimes the giant boar would not spawn.
- Fixed UI in the campaign mode where mission objectives were superimposed.
- Bonus ‘+30% Ruin, Shipwreck and Damaged Houses resources and exploring speed” has been fixed. Exploring speed was correct but the 30% bonus was not applied
- In multiplayer, an eliminated player can no longer feast for his ally.
Boris<[Shiro]  [developer] Nov 18, 2019 @ 1:40am 
Update version on steam:


- Fixed “Drakkar path” error. A crash which happens with the kraken clan.
- Fixed blinking issue for healers healing bar.
- Fixed some sound issues for white wolves
- Fixed a crash happening with Greed’s Price battle.
- Fixed UI. Sometimes names of neutral factions were cut-off
- A special character in a save title will now be replaced by an underscore.
- Name inconsistency in chapter 7 has been corrected.
- Achievements “Win as the clan of xxxxxxx” can now be achieved in conquest mode.
- Sometimes tiles were described as lakes when they were not. This has been corrected.
- UI improvement: All inactive dragon’s gauge bonuses are now grayed out.
- Muspell’s Wrath battle in coop, guest can now see the victory condition progress bar.
- Fixed some russian characters which were replaced by a pink square when not readable by the game.


- Capacity “Stolen Lore” of Snake clan can now be used for “Knowledge from Beyond” (Kraken tech) without the trading tech unlocked.
- Required happiness is set to 0 instead of 1 for the 13th unit.
- The boar's clan no longer suffers a penalty if they have not upgraded their townhall.
- Dystopia battle: now militia can be turned into spectral warriors.
Boris<[Shiro]  [developer] Nov 20, 2019 @ 6:28am 
Update version on steam:

- Fixed a rare bug with control key assignation in the Options menu.
- Fixed a bug were towers would still fire during decolonization.
- “Anvil of Gods” description has been fixed.
- Bláinn can no longer be assigned to the Anvil of Gods with the Horse Clan.
- Draconic Frenzy has been fixed (Sheep do not count as ally units anymore).
- It is now possible to see currently played games in the multiplayer lobby.
- Improved world generation speed for games with Dragon players.
- Improved world generation speed for Greed’s Price battle.
JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Dec 6, 2019 @ 2:36am 
Update version on steam:

- Rat infestation notification has been corrected.
- Dark Vaettir expansion has been fixed. It was aggressive, it was not intended.
- Numerous crashes were corrected.
Boris<[Shiro]  [developer] Dec 11, 2019 @ 5:21am 
Originally posted by JayTwoPointOh Shiro:
Update version on Steam:

The Winter Festival Update!

Update version on steam:

- Tooltips in the options menu have been fixed.
- Scabbard of gram has been fixed.
- Thralls were not producing happiness in breweries. This has been fixed.
- Fixed button to cancel an order.for dragons sacrifice.
- Helheim invasion defeat condition has been fixed.
- Empty beach tile does not count as a resource tile anymore.
- You can now assign thralls to mining as intended.
- Shared Military XP with Mylkalfar has been fixed.
- If you kill an enemy with an ally, everyone on your side gains experience.
- Fixed sailors dead bodies which were laying on the top of the water.
- Slot info for volcano has been fixed.
- Fixed Chinese server display for non english languages in the Multiplayer menu
Boris<[Shiro]  [developer] Dec 17, 2019 @ 5:12am 
Update version on steam:

- HearthStone winter food reduction has been fixed.
- All options now appear in the ingame Options menu even if they can't be modified
- Trading routes are now available with the Stolen Lore 'Knowledge from beyond"
- Fixed a crash with prestige drakkars.
JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Jan 6, 2020 @ 6:21am 
Update version on steam:

- Stolen Lore: tech list has been fixed
JayTwoPointOh [Shiro]  [developer] Jan 31, 2020 @ 2:42am 
Update version on steam:

- Svarn's requests for help during the Chapter 6 of the Story Mode now work as intended.
- You can now build only one Altar of Kings at a time as intended.
- Text chat no longer disappear when typing message with numpad.
- Fixed display of resources obtained from imports.
- It is no longer possible to use infinite amount of workers on Hörgr.
- Clicking on Kraken’s spectral attack notification now redirects the camera to the attacked tile.
- All giant's have an AoE attack that deal damage on every non-allied units.
- “Near The Sea Spirit” correctly allows Trading Route when stolen by Snake.
- In chapter 9 of the Campaign, Hrímgandr isn’t blocked anymore by watchtowers.
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Boris<[Shiro]  [developer] Jan 31, 2020 @ 5:28am 
Update version **** on steam:

- Thralls in Docks / Fishing / Hunting now produce less resources than villagers as intended.
- Map generation now guarantees an accessible lore source for every clan.
- Military path icon and Relic icon displayed after player’s name now work as intended.
- Svalinn relic can be moved again from a tile to another as intended.
- After the Update introduced by the Ox clan, it was possible to colonize any tile you want with your Berzerker. It is no longer possible.
- Fixed several crash in the story mode.
- After the Update introduced by the Ox clan, it was sometimes not possible to select the Clan of the kraken. This has been fixed.
- Conquest bonus “-25% Warchiefs and relics ability cooldowns.” has been fixed.
- Kaija cannot attack Bifrost anymore.
- Fixed an issue where you were unable to colonize areas on chapter 5.
- Cooldown bonus with the raven relic now works as intended.
- Fixed an issue where players were unable to colonize tiles in chapter 5.
Boris<[Shiro]  [developer] Feb 5, 2020 @ 12:43am 
Update version **** on steam:

- Torfin’s Projectile resistance now works as intended.
- Ancestral equipment equipped on Torfin wasn’t visible for everyone.This has now been fixed.
- It is now possible to control a slave Giant Jötunn with the dragon clan.
- Text for the stag’s window “New title: Jarl” has been corrected.
- Mirroring map generation has been improved.
- Near the sea spirit text has been corrected.
- Fixed an instance where geysers were increasing wood consumption in winter instead of decreasing it.
- Fixed several crashing issues.
Big Bad [Wolf]  [developer] Feb 6, 2020 @ 8:01am 
Update version on Steam:

- Fixed several crashing issues.
- Chapter 2 [STORY MODE]: A bug didn't allow to fish in the left tile's lake, this has now been fixed.
- Nothing Personal achievement: The unblocking condition has been changed: Two different raids have to be sent to the same player (instead of sending two different raids to a same area).
- Since the February 4ths patch, the units accounting was erroneous in the Story Mode. This has now been fixed.
- Once damaged, the Altar of Kings provided Happiness. It now produces no resources once damaged as intended, and gives more Happiness when several are on the player's control.
- A bug allowed players to use Torfin's Ram ability after capturing another player's Ox Relic.
- Stolen Lore [Snake]: After going back to a saved game where a Tech was stolen, the Tech was still selected but not researched.
- Capture Lore [Dragon]: After loading a save, an enslaved Jotunn had a chance to become uncontrollable.
Big Bad [Wolf]  [developer] Feb 7, 2020 @ 5:24am 
Update version on Steam:

- Fixed several crashing issues.
- Reverted the change "Capture Lore [Dragon]: After loading a save, an enslaved Jotunn had a chance to become uncontrollable." that was causing other issues. We are working on a more definitive fix.
Big Bad [Wolf]  [developer] Feb 10, 2020 @ 5:11am 
Update version on Steam:

- First pass on colonisation bug resolution.
- Fixed crash when trying to spawn a new battleground but the player is defeated.
- Capture Lore [Dragon]: After loading a save, an enslaved Jotunn had a chance to become uncontrollable (definitive fix).
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