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レイン Feb 9, 2013 @ 7:33am
Post Mortem ending. your thoughts?
now i've played all the games in the series (own them as well, postmortem and still life 1&2) but for the people who have maybe just played post mortem. what are your thoughts on the ending.

(spoiler alert do not read past this if you haven't beat the game yet) there are 3 endings (mainly) 1 where you die.(guessing thats what they consider the bad one) one where you smash the head and kaufner goes to jail and one where you give kaufner the head and get saved by helloin. no matter what good one you do tho the end result always shows beb giving the fat (cause thats what she was always to me) the head of baphomet.

now what i don't like about this ending is a couple of things. A. if you suspected the fat woman you can never tech catch her (i suspected her the whole time and i would have put her as my #1 suspect) B.bebe from what i knew only COPIED works hulot did (as in paper copies, not once in the story did they shay she was a sculpture of any kind and made copies in sculpted forms) so how did she get a head at the end? C. going pretty much with B. how does she get a copy of the head? and in the same box that was seen in the metro? when you grab both heads? how does she obtain the other head then?

to me the ending is just honestly crap. it has so many holes in it. as i said b4 she was never known to be a sculpture. (so that rules out what alot of people think, that SHE MADE A COPY) and again you had/took both the heads in the metro so how did she all of a sudden get one? (you never go back to see her towards the end, to say, hey hold this for me, or anything like that) still life and still life 2 cover and i dunno untie alot of those wholes but when you look at post mortem. as a stand alone game. the ending just doesn't make sense.

if you are a great detective too (like i was) and you had suspected that fat b you can never do anything about it either. that is what really irritates me because the things she said and how she talked. honestly gave her away even kaufner i knew it was him as soon as the doorman from the brother hood said the new sb is sb k (who the f else in the game had a k and was weird as well DUH!) so honestly if you played like me. you kinda got upset because if the game ALLOWED ME to actually arresst etc who i believed was the suspects i would have been dead right aside from bebe

so i just wanted to know what others thought? don't bring stil life 1 or 2 tho into this mix as i said THEY FILL IN THE HOLES believe me I KNOW. i'm just saying again take this game stand alone as it was B4 THOSE GAMES came out to shed the light etc. (obv the devs saw that post mortems had alot of holes and thats maybe why they even did what they did with sill life 1 and 2) so just want to see what others think about POST MORTEMS actual ending. also who did you suspect?
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Rin Mar 5, 2014 @ 8:08pm 
Well, what better game to resurrect such an old thread than one that's called "Post Mortem"?

Just finished the game. First, it's made absolutely clear that Bébé does do sculpture - she says so in the dialogue, and Gus picks up on it - and of course you only find one head in Hulot's stash in the abandoned subway. I really don't know why you think Gus picks up two of 'em. The item description says Gus isn't sure if it's the real one or Bébé's fake, but given the last bit of the ending, I think it's safe to assume that the one Gus found was the replica and the real one's the one we see changing owners.

Now, what I don't get: If the Whyte/Eaton/Johnson girl made GDA/K think that she was his Adeline, why did he kill her? And why does she look so much like Sophia Blake in the scene where you read the book? Why did Blake want the head? Does this mean Blake is actually Adeline in a new body? That would probably explain why she'd be after the head, but I'm still not quiet sure.

One thing I am sure of though: I've seen all three endings, I'm not going to play this again just to get the last details on it. I've enjoyed it enough, but it's clearly a game with many problems. Not enough clues on the puzzles, barely any descriptions on the items you've got in your inventory and no way to look at them, and most annoyingly conversation trees that can end abruptly if you say the wrong thing, combined with unskippable dialogue made this a chore to slug through by the end. The ending(s) at de Allepin's place seemed rushed and a anticlimactic, though I did enjoy the reveal that followed it.

I'm glad that Still Life, which I've just started playing, seems to be much, much better. I hope it picks up on some questions that left me confused with Post Mortem.
Marvelous Jul 16, 2014 @ 9:01pm 
I don't think that the end is a crap. Bebe was able to sculpt as our friend just said.
Yes, McPherson got two heads, so Bebe has a third one.
Kinda hard to say which one is the original for sure. But the one we know it's fake wasn't used for anything. So there is the one it was destroyed and the one with Bebe. When McPherson got it, he had a vision, so it was real. But then, Mrs. Loiseau got a fake.
Would be weird to show that scene for a fake and would be more awkward if she robbed the real from McPherson (in this case, they didn't showed in the game and that's why it would be worse).

So, there is basically two explanations:
A) If Bebe really got the real head, then where that vision came from?
B) If Bebe gave to Mrs. Loiseau a fake, then maybe the producers just wanted to show their real faces to us. (I believe in this one, makes more sense to explain the vision).

Anyway, I enjoyed the game. Just wanted easier puzzles, it was pretty hard for me, even using walkthroughs in some parts.

Also, I finished Still Life 1 + 2. Still life 1 was the best of the 3 games for me.
Shallot Mar 4, 2015 @ 5:33pm 
I wouldn't know what the ending is. I don't even know how the beginning goes. I keep getting an error saying 3D renderer failed to initialize. Nobody knows how to fix it. Wasted money.
レイン Mar 7, 2015 @ 12:27pm 
Originally posted by GzR Dak:
I wouldn't know what the ending is. I don't even know how the beginning goes. I keep getting an error saying 3D renderer failed to initialize. Nobody knows how to fix it. Wasted money.
sorry to hear it's an old game so maybe try playing it on an old PC if you have one. best option. also maybe try still life 1 and 2 they are more "new"/current and i believe they run better on new end PCs honestly they are all you really need. the still life series is a lot better and with less holes in the plot/storyline. this game is only going to get you annoyed and by the end of it you will say this game made no sense and you will question the story a lot because they writers had no idea what they were doing lol also if you think this is some sort of detective game it's not. you can't pick who you suspect sadly. i was right with who i didn't trust in this game and if they let me pick suspects i would have had the right people. sadly this game doesn't let you do anything even close to that. i would just say avoid the headache of trying to get this game to work only to play a game with very broken game mechanics and a very questionable script. i say just leave it be and try still life 1 and 2. just hopefully you didn't waste that much $ on this game seeing as it's usually cheap i believe i bought it for like $5.00 myself.

also just to give you an insight as to what i mean by broken game mechanics. the puzzles are NOT hard lol people will maybe say that but they are usuing the wrong word the puzzles themselves are pretty easy and basic point click puzzles like pajama sam stuff there is no actual challenge or "HARD" part to any of the puzzles in this game. it's more of just an ANNOYANCE to do most of the puzzles just because of the pure lack of direction in the game. so that's why people may complain and say puzzles are hard but because a game is broken and lacks direction in the game/puzzles doesn't make the puzzles themselves hard just again annoying to do. great examples of this are in conversations (as mentioned in a previous comment) if you say the wrong word you have to redo the convo to get like the "right message" to progress threw the game. or another example you have to do certain things in a certain order or the game will not progress. so that doesn't make the puzzles themselves "hard" it will just be annoying because you have to back track a alot etc n "just do the right thing in the right order" that's how this game works.

Spolier alert beyond this point: i know you can't even play but just in case. here is another prime example of the puzzles being "annoying" not "hard" there is one point in the game where you have to hold a light to a painting and find a hidden message (seems easy right) believe me it's not even look up guides walkthroughs w/e it's literally a hit or miss chance of luck etc. there is NOTHING HARD about it (and it is a "puzzle" in the game) it's just a matter of when you find the message so not hard but def ANNOYING. because it can take you from 5mins to an hour (i've seen some people take that long just to get past this part believe me it's stupid) so it's just sitting there for however long it take YOU as the player to find every letter of the hidden message. those are obv just quick examples i could make this endless lol

if you are THAT interested in it. just watch a playthough because believe me you're not missing much and if anything you're just saving yourself a lot of headaches (broken game mechanics) and a crappy story (imo because again i was right with who i suspected and still had to watch them get away when i knew the whole time it was f'en them and i would have apprehended them in like the beg of the game because of how obv it was that they were involved) also i know it may seem like i am hating on this game. i'm not i actually enjoy it and like it very much as well as the still life games. i'm just an HONEST person. i'm not going to sugar coat it tho and pretend this game is amazingly great when it's really honestly very very flawed. i just feel someone should be honest about it to stear other people in the right direction so they don't "waste money" on it lol even if they can or can not play.

so hopefully (and sorry for making it so long) that helps anyone out. who is either curious about this game or can't get it to run or w/e your case is. trust me you're not missing much and as nice as a game as this "was" after beating it and seeing the 3 storylines etc i have never had any desire to play it/touch it again. so if that can give you some insight as to this game itself. even people such as me who do like it and enjoyed it, like take it from me you really aren't missing much and honestly are saving yourself from a lot of BS. (especially cause in this day of age everyone has such HIGH expectations of games and things etc so when they find out it's NOTHING like they thought oh it's a bad game etc) so just AVOID doing that to yourself right now. because it's not a bad game it's actually a really good game........BUT it has some really poor game mechanics that will def frustrate you and possibly make you not want to play as well as a horrible script (and by that i just mean because it has so many holes in it) the storyline and like the IDEA itself is actually really awesome but how these writers put it all together it's just a mess and you will def be saying to yourself by the time the game is done. "um ok that made no sense, if she did that then how did he end up there etc." obv just giving examples not getting into it just saying it's one of those kinds of scripts where believe me you will question the hell out of it and find so many holes in it, it's just not even funny. so again sorry for the long rant but to anyone this can help out i hope it did.

just try out still life 1 and 2 and don't give yourself a headache over this game if you can't get it to work. if again you're that interested in it watcha video. just so you get the idea of the game see if it's even something you WOULD like and so u get the storyline. if it looks like something that's like a MUST play you can always push stop on the video. then find workarounds to the game or get an old PC to play it on (works the best and less headaches) but i personally say if it's that much of a deal to play this game. don't you're really not missing much and again saving yourself honestly from a lot of other things. n just play still life 1 and 2 they are highly improved (gameplay wise) and the storyline is actually done very nice. maybe a couple of holes but then again who doesn't question things etc. i can safely say tho a lot less holes in SL script than in the PM script.
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