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Shortcircuit 10 października 2012 o 20:00
Is this game worth installing ? . . . .
Just asking cause i see a 50 metacritic & not much of anything here on the hub.
any opinions? is this game fun ?
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deadlinegrunt 13 października 2012 o 20:57 
It has promise but it is buggy for sure. The co-op is "broken" in that you don't advance your story like you do on any other co-op I have ever played. I like the game despite all of this but if I had to give a recommendation I would say pass...sadly.
uniquehorn 15 października 2012 o 16:56 
No, it is not worth!!!! Bad game, bugs, coop dosen't work... its lame.
_______NICO__ 23 października 2012 o 18:03 
weel im playing the story. It interesting to past time, but its not an amazing game. however still be entretaining to play it
Haze 24 października 2012 o 19:06 
This game is not launching on my pc! Its a Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit. Everytime I try clicking on "play" it dont launch... Damn!
jeffy 29 października 2012 o 9:15 
the pics and videos and art work looks good but it creates an illusion of this game being really bad , i played it for an hour and i got bored lol - i recomend any other game to play lol
feargunner 29 października 2012 o 14:31 
I was wondering about the control problems, because that's the biggest criticism in the reviews, but I see that it's been patched a few times. Is the control scheme still awful?
MCpl Green 29 października 2012 o 18:33 
My first impression, obnoxiously loud whatever that was at the intro, and no options button from the menu. It might be alright to play, but so far the front end's so irritating that I don't even really want to play the game anymore.
C= 64 29 października 2012 o 20:52 
It is horrible tbh, had it for a long time and the control system is just plain bad the co op mode inisits you complete the first 2 missions and then you need to have unlocked other missions in single player etc.

As much as i was desperate to have this game be playable and fun i couldn't find anything in it that made eme want to come back, the devs said they would fix stuff when it came out but yeh what devs say and do are two different things.
soPok 29 października 2012 o 21:10 
I dislike the controls very much. I really wish the items could be set on a "hotbar" like most other games. Having to click on your bat because you ran out of ammo while trying to run away, which also requires clicking, is not very fun. If I did not just spend money on this game I would not still be playing it.

I want to play this game, but it is very slow and buggy. I wish there would be more updates that reflect the player feedback.
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Paulo 30 października 2012 o 7:46 
played for 12mins and already hating it. The characters are as slow as the zombies themselves, you would think that fininshing 3-4 of them with a bat would be easy, but hell no, after a lot of struggle, you just turn the corner and see 15 more waiting for you. That's when you say "♥♥♥♥ this game" and realize you just threw $2,49 in the garbage.
Franck 30 października 2012 o 12:48 
Seems like this game aint loved by the majority. I bought it during the halloween sales yesterday, played for 3-4h until I had 4 characters.

The controls could be better, not denying it. But still, once you're used to it, it`s fine really.

I had one bug in the first mission, when i died, the game crashed but that`s all...

For those of you saying the game is slow...I have no idea what you were looking for when buying this game... it is a strategy games, it require you to think before acting (hence you can pause the game to think and/or pause if there`s a lot of zombie on you at the same time and need more time to order your guys around)

The difficulty is pretty nice and relatively hard... but once you have 2+ char, it become manageable (1shot on every zombie and the other finish them melee garantee you dont get hit...)

All in all, considering it cost me about 5$, im pretty satisfied so far.
(playing solo, not planning on playing multi)
zerone_ 29 stycznia 2013 o 14:45 
I thought this game was cool but it's too bugged to play ! DO NOT BUY IT. For example the medikit ain't working so you can't heal your teammate or yourself and you die before you can win. I asked for a refun the same day I bought it and I got it. In France it's legal to get a refund for a purchase made less than 7 days ago, and even to resell digital goods.
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chuchumyrocket 12 marca 2013 o 12:32 
The game plays more like commandos with a zombie edge. You don't need to kill every single enemy, when you see a large group you are supposed to run. Its an alright game that plays really slow but forces you to use tactics. Also only certain people can heal with medkits so the game isn't broken, you just didn't pay attention.
[NiTp] KPAD 25 marca 2013 o 2:32 
Boring with slow ♥♥♥♥♥♥ controls. Uninstalled it within the first 5 mins of playing it.
Wow , I'm usually not the minor when it comes to bashing bad games but I had alot of fun with this one . I'd say it's worth a fiver , nothing more . The game is short and kinda get it's easy once you get the hang of it , especially if you excell at Commando type games .
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