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Game not launching.
As the title suggests, I cant get this game to work. I have the latest DirectX and video drivers(plus reinstalled and verified the game cache). Does this game require any specific version NET Framework or Microsoft Redistributible C++ to run?

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my game crash. My english is bad.
Mi juego se cierra nada mas intentar jugar.
i have the same problemo

wont Start i just buy it :( 4 copies :( :(

do something steam plz
Nokando 15 aug., 2013 @ 10:02 
Been in touch with the dev's and they are apparently looking into it.
Eon 15 aug., 2013 @ 22:13 
Posting to agree. was an okay enough game for it's price that I got it for (As part of a bundle) and it worked without issues....I ran dual monitor then, didn't choose the second monitor I don't think...but now? Now it always loads on the dual monitor, and if I change it to border to move it around with. When it goes to windowed, it transitions back to my primary window...and if I force a maximize from task manager? Stays on primary...but now since I've alt tabbed n done all that other stuff, the commands/inventory screen/hover tool tips are invisible and/or black boxes....

Shame to see the game end up this way, especially since it used to work years ago...Dunno how they added cards to this game yet caused (or ignored) such major techincal issues....

Oh yeah, and upon disabling my second screen and trying to launch, it crashes without error after 5-10 seconds.
great idea, great game
but: some bugs .. like: first aid kit doesnt heal me when using it myself
sometimes game gets stuck at loading a game/save
i also had a crash in the middle of a game, immediate fallback to windows
The first aid kit not restoring HP isn't a bug, it's a feature :hee:
You need to save the doctor from the Hospital, he can use the medkits to heal other characters.
purchased the collection but this game won't start :(
@lucky: i know that the DOC can heal ..but in some missions there is just MIKE how can he heal himself then? it doest make sense .. he should be able to heal himself
Rammur 22 oct., 2013 @ 0:52 
IS THERE A DAMN FIX? steam need to refund us in game dollars for this crap or just give us the blasted cards.
Rammur 22 oct., 2013 @ 1:00 
nm not workin for me anymore neither come on VALVE you guys need to toss this trash out of here and just refund everyone in credit think we all would be happier.
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Se afișează 1-10 din 10 comentarii
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