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Zuurix  [developer] Nov 18, 2017 @ 10:23am
Full list of version 0.9.0 changes
  • "Extant" parts are now called "fractal" parts.
  • Changed certain mission rewards.
  • Removed raid missions.
  • Removed escort missions.
  • Added arena missions.
  • Fixed resurrection mission glitch.
  • Added contribution system.
  • Changed alloy container scaling.
  • Improved map tooltips.
  • Amplifier sell price has been reduced to 0.
  • Graphically improved cities.
  • Entering/leaving cities is now automatic.
  • Added siege missions.
  • Now mines created by Spread Mines de-spawn after 1.5 seconds.
  • Removed random region reward.
  • Fixed mine generators in mission 5.
  • Changed mission 5.
  • Improved objective reminder.
  • Fixed several issues with phase break system.
  • Apex modifications are now visible.
  • Improved modification positions on apparition, gatherer, revenant factory, anode and other minions.
  • Mass dismantling, selling and unequipping is now faster.
  • Mass dismantling can now be canceled.
  • Removed easy mode.
  • Boss missions now require less minion kills to get to the boss.
  • Items now have a level requirement.
  • Added 5 new achievements.
  • Replaced Aegis achievement with Champion achievement.
  • Replaced In Shadow Of The Machine achievement with Siege Master achievement.
  • Minions and ruins now drop units.
  • Fixed loot box glitch.
  • Earned diodes are now removed when you fail mission with Risk For Reward active.
  • Enemy long-lasting shield ability now has a lower cooldown.
  • Armoured colony seeker's repairing pylons are now more efficient.
  • Removed mosaics.
  • Added barragers.
  • Added orbital platforms.
  • The interface now converts large numbers. E.g.: "11000 total relay damage" is converted into "11K total relay damage".
  • Ending tutorial no longer improves area status and unlocks an escalation achievement.
  • Experience rebalanced: Now it will take longer to level up and completing missions in your level region will give +100% XP. (It's called 'Region level bonus')
  • Secure regions now have icons to show what are they offering.
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Sector Six > General Discussions > Topic Details