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Poobah Gorg Jul 1, 2014 @ 7:14pm
Kate Walker is the reason! *contains spoilers!*
I used to think the French maybe hated Americans for Bush's Iraq War, Freedumb Fries and the fact that we won't learn their language before we hang out in Paris wearing Hawaiian shirts and berets.

No no, it's Kate Walker! She's an American attorney who presumably practices international law. You'd think she'd know that in France once charges are brought, you're considered guilty until proven innocent!

So what does she do on her first day in the country? She breaks into a church, steals from said church, robs a grave, unearths and pockets a priceless archaeological artifact (without government approval), To top it all off she forges a notarized document to hijack a train that's not licensed to operate on France's rail lines!

Now that's just day one, did I miss anything?

I haven't finished day two yet, but it sure does look like she'll be going after an endangered species. More to come...
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Poobah Gorg Jul 2, 2014 @ 10:41am 
That is hilarious.

Day two was a bit light in her criminal escapades. She did remove an egg from an nest of a bird that's a protected species. She also blackmailed a college bootlegging operation and covered up her discovery of their actions.

If I were her, I would probably have gone after the university because all three of their students are male. Interesting German university that still has a wall that somehow magically borders on Russia. This isn't the wall between East and West Germany that was torn down in 1991. This is a diferent one that was built across all of Poland and Bellarus or Ukraine right before 2002.

This other wall has since been torn down so that Poland and Belarus could exist as countries again, and the concrete has since been recycled into military bases used in the current Crimea conflict. OK, it's just a video game, and since the concrete wall's materials were no longer needed past Syberia 2 (I guess), they were recycled into bridges and other concrete structures to be used in recently-released Valiant Hearts: The Great War.
gombicek Jul 2, 2014 @ 2:05pm 
Well the world in Syberia isn't our own. It is slightly different version of Earth. So it's possible that Poland even doesn't exist in the game:)
Poobah Gorg Jul 2, 2014 @ 3:25pm 
What on Earth are you talking about? You've never been to Amerzone? I should have bought this game on!

My day three report is likely to be a long time coming. I went from day one to three without saving, and eventually the game crapped out and died on me. Odds are pretty good that I will have to start back in France and repeat what would now probably be fairly-tedious steps. I may follow a walk-through for those parts. The last time the game got totally bugged-up I was able to save it and after I loaded from that save it worked just fine. This time, no dice. :-/

Off topic: One thing that never ever renders right in this game is the cell phone on her 3D character. She pulls it out of her pocket and it looks crazy. It stretches to take up half the screen and looks sort of like abstract art.
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