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Ciber Ninja Nov 27, 2016 @ 10:18am
Beasts of Legend [Serpent]
From the darkest depths of the locked sectors a beast awakens. Infuriated by the exploitation of the land, the serpent and its sisters set out. Drawn to the loudest most advanced industries, they aim to exact a bloody toll.

Consists of one Head creep and N Tail creeps.
All segments have the same parts.
Serpent moves at speed of slowest segment.
Tail creeps follow the segment in front of themselves.
Tail creeps never attack.
When any segment is destroyed, all remaining segments parts get doubled stats.
When a segment is destroyed, the segment behind it becomes a head segment.

Rational: I want to add a npc enemy that rewards good code instead of good economy. Adding fun complexity to the game without to much coding effort on the devs part.
The idea is that the beast starts out easy to beat if you time it so that all segments are destroyed on the same tick, but if you have code that does not handle the serpent then it will get exponentially harder to defeat even for a well developed base.
Additionally, you can strategically not completely destroy a segment to make the beast slow to a crawl.
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Ciber Ninja Apr 7, 2017 @ 9:36pm 
I suppose just boost them to be better at what they do?
Mashee Aug 18, 2017 @ 10:39pm 
My only recurring complaint in real life with Screeps is that it lacks PVE elements beyond very basic NPC invaders.

Currently there are:
- No quests, not even beginner tutorial quests. ie: collect 10000 energy from a room not claimed by you...or kill 500 heal-units from enemy creeps etc. (subsequently steam achievements etc)
- No real, or cosmetic trophy items collectable ingame from clever achievements or goals.
- No explorable dungeons, no lairs, no caves, no mystical vendor huts...etc.
- As above, no unique scripted NPCs
- No PVE group challenges
- No obvious capture the flag mini-game within the game world.
- etc etc etc...expectations from the current generation of RTS or even elements of MMO's.

I mean absolutely no disrespect to the devs; what they've created is fantastic, however on the game-theory front it is very entry level. Sandbox PVP is commonplace.

Anything to create larger fantasy "game" elements is all good in my books. Good thread CiberNinja. Screeps is surprisingly stressfull with the current PVP-only build. I'd love to be challenged by non-players in a fun way. :steamhappy:
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Rain Aug 20, 2017 @ 9:58pm 
Mashee? Aren't you my neighbour? Im Pav234 in-game.
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