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Darewise Entertainment  [developer] May 16, 2017 @ 1:31am
[UPDATED] [OFFICIAL] Common Known Issues and Workarounds
List updated as of June 12, 2017
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Darewise Entertainment  [developer] Jun 12, 2017 @ 5:34am 
If you are experiencing any difficulties while playing Rokh please refer to the information below and be sure to check out our quick start guide here:
Official Guides

Servers Issues

The official server I was playing on has crashed
Some in game actions crash the server currently (Enclosed space, additional layers of tiles around a sealed structure, Removing wires). We are doing our best to correct these problems ASAP.
If your server crash, it will automatically be rebooted right away. It will first appear grey in the list then white when it’s ready and you can connect to it. It can sometimes hard crash and the automatic restart might not work. In that case, feel free to ping us via DM on Facebook or Discord if you see it down for too long.

My server seems to be in a restart loop
There are servers that are experiencing issues with getting stuck starting up. It is due to a bug with the pressure system. We are narrowing it down and are working to fix it ASAP.

I keep getting kicked back to the main menu
We are aware of this problem: sometimes the server let you in, sometimes not. We will correct this issue ASAP.
It seems to be related to some pipes and pressure system/
subforum related to this

If you have issues launching a local server via the client right now.
You can still launch a local server to play on by yourself or with friends by following the steps below.
  • Right click Rokh in your Steam library and select Properties
  • Click the ‘Local Files’ tab and select ‘Browse Local Files…’
  • Open the ‘WindowsServer’ directory
  • Right click and open as administrator ‘CreateServer.bat’
A dialogue will appear, enter the following information to create your server.
  • Server Name: (what will appear in the browse server window in game) and press Enter
  • Internet Game: N then Press Enter
  • Admin Password: Set if you would like to lock access to server commands on your server, leave blank if you would like commands open to all, then Press Enter
  • Max Players: Set to 3 (we highly recommend capping at 3 to prevent potential performance issues) and Press Enter
  • Max Accounts: You can enter a value, or just Press Enter
  • Password: Set a password to access your server and Press Enter
  • Lobby Port: Press Enter
This will complete the creation of your server and start it up. Launch the game using ‘Play Local’ and your server will appear in the browse server list after up to 10 minutes.

How can I be sure I don’t lose data on my local server between each update?
For extra safe shutdown of local servers follow these steps
  • Deactivate automatic updates on Steam
  • Open up the Rokh.log in the WindowsServer/Rokh/Saved/Logs folder and make sure the last statement shows an empty queue "Queue length: 0"
  • In the client quit to the MainMenu.
  • Click Play
  • At the bottom of that screen click Stop Server
  • Exit the client
  • Patch the game via Steam
  • Launch the client
  • Click Play
  • Bottom of the screen click "Start Server"

Creating a Windows remote server using the .bat files in the game folders is not working
Right now, you can only create a local server on a Windows config. The .bat files are not yet compatible to create a remote server based on Windows. You may make it work, but this will more than likely result in poor performances as soon as the you have several players on it. We are currently only Linux compatible right now. You can set up your server using the method described in our guide: Linux Server creation guide

After creating and playing on a local or online server, and quit the game, it is still displayed as launched in Steam. Same problem after a server crash in online mode
This will be corrected. In the meantime, to stop the game from getting referenced as "launched" in Steam, open you task manager and stop the task "Steam Client Bootstrapper". When reopening Steam, you can relaunch the game.

Players using Windows Insider build cannot launch the game
We are trying to recreate the same error encountered by the players using a Windows insider build on a test machine. We hope to find a solution ASAP.

Where are the admin commands for server?
Find the admin commands in our latest guide (Technical Manual & Admin Commands)
Official Guide

Gameplay issues:

My habitat door looks closed, but I can walk right through it.
Doors appear open or close, or disappearred (but still get the collision with it).
This is a visual desync bug that will be fixed in an upcoming patch. Walk away from the door a short distance and return to correct it. Another workaround is:
Aim at the hinge or opposite to the hinge and this always resets the door.

Since the last update the wrench is buggy and crashes the client
We are aware of this problem and have collected logs to narrow down the problem. (thanks to those who send it to us via We are working to correct it ASAP.
Known workaround (thanks EDSoulS for this :) ! )
1. Open wrench and put item to be repaired into the slot
2. Check the boxes to be repaired
3. Click repair
4. IMMEDIATELY get out of the wrench, the " i " key works great

Putting tiles to fully enclosed a space around an already enclosed space can crash the server
This is a known issue that we are investigating for correction in next patch

Meteor shower ignores your base
Meteor seems to go through the roof and can kill even in-doors

I equipped my pickaxe while next to a resource node, but I can’t use it.
Turn away from the node so it is no longer selected and turn back again to fix this.

Switches do not work
It seems switches are buggy at the moment and we are working on them.

Help! I have lost my mouse cursor.
If you lose the mouse cursor within the game UI, middle click can restore it

The waypoint marker on the map isn’t placed where I select on the map.
There is a vertical offset on placing waypoints. Click below the desired area to position it. You can also zoom into the map to reduce the offset, as a workaround. This issue will be fixed in an upcoming patch.

I don’t see any World Battery Chargers on my private server!
When a server first gets created, it can 15-20seconds after spawning before World Battery Chargers appear.

I started an infinite craft on my workbench and can’t return to the individual craft option.
Start a new recipe and stop it before it completes to correct this.

I clicked main menu from inside the game ([esc] > Main Menu) but there is a delay where the screen is freezing briefly
Wait until you come back to the main menu, we will add a loading screen here soon

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