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Darewise Entertainment  [developer] May 16, 2017 @ 1:25am
Latest patch notes will always be at the bottom, so remember to scroll down!

If you are experiencing any issues please be sure to check out this forum thread for common issues and workarounds.
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Darewise Entertainment  [developer] May 16, 2017 @ 1:40am 
D1 Release Build - BUILD 731 Patch notes
- Additional fixes to Localisation Text (French language)
- Improved clarity of text on map selection screen
- Updated map in game to better reflect playable area
- Battery charger should no longer affect the power grids energy output
- Fixed an area in B10 with offset collision
- Increased number of visible servers shown in the Browse Server screen
- Fixed a bug that caused oxygen to duplicate in the backpack under certain conditions
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Darewise Entertainment  [developer] May 18, 2017 @ 2:17am 
BUILD 743 Patch notes:
- Fixed a server crash relating to placing wires or pipes.
- Fixed a bug where some socket objects were unable to be picked up again after placing them.
- Smelter no longer resets crafting after being minimized and re-opened.
- Tools now remember the last selected recipe when swapping between tools or minimizing and reopening.
- Input slots in workbenches will no longer show a substance stack present after crafting completion, if the stack is reduced to 0.
- You can now hold left click on a resource node while holding a pickaxe to mine continuously.
- Options menu can now be accessed from the in game menu.
- Tile crafting speed has been increased across all tools and workbenches.
- Auto refresh in the Server Browser is now off by default.
Darewise Entertainment  [developer] May 18, 2017 @ 2:57pm 
BUILD 751 Patch notes:
- Fixed a server crash related to using the Wrench and Repair.
- Improved the Browse Server list to show all available servers (‘Have Character’ marker is now disabled as part of this change).
- Fixed a bug where V-Sync options were inverted.
- You can now see the name of your server by opening the In-game menu.
- Servers that are in the process of coming up will now show as greyed out in the Server Browser, once they are ready a refresh will update them to be playable.
- When partially repairing items the UI will now properly update.

BUILD 756 Patch notes:
- Fixed a bug where Craft in Place frames could be picked up, causing them to be non-functional when placed back down.
- Fixed a server crash relating to picking up some items with the crowbar.
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Darewise Entertainment  [developer] May 26, 2017 @ 1:13am 
BUILD 773 Patch notes:
- Keybinds can now be re-mapped via the Options Menu.
- Fixed a bug that was causing loading to become stuck at 90%
- Placed tiles and stored items should no longer take durability damage over time.
- Added ‘Retrieve All’ buttons for inputs and outputs for workbenches.
- Added missing recipe that blocked crafting of the Arc Welder
Darewise Entertainment  [developer] Jun 12, 2017 @ 5:25am 
BUILD 810 Patch notes:

Features and Improvements

  • Added a new Chat Feature
    - Shows on the lower left of the HUD.
    - Currently allows players to send Global and Private messages to others on the server.
    - Accessed by default with TAB key and can be remapped if desired.
  • Implemented the Salvage feature
    - Crafted objects and tools can now be broken back down to recover their base materials to reuse them for other crafting goals
    - Craft in place workbenches can be deconstructed using Salvage, allowing frames to be picked up.
    - This feature is accessed via the Crowbar tool.
  • Can now connect to a server via the Steam server list in addition to the in-game Server Browse menu.
    - You can favorite your chosen server in the steam menu so you can easily join the game.
    - Connecting to a server via the Steam server list will automatically launch the game and connect you straight to your chosen server.

  • Added a starting Hammer tool for all new colonists and on respawn.
  • Did some rebalancing to the items found in caches and chests.

Fixes to improve stability

  • Fixed a Server crash relating to disconnecting items from a power grid.
  • Fixed a Server crash relating to a specific power circuit setup
  • Fixed a server crash relating to connecting pipes and storage tanks in a certain array.
  • Fixed 2 additional crashes that were affecting server stability
  • Fixed a crash when splitting stacks from one input slot to another
  • Fixed a crash when attempting a second interaction on an item before finishing the first

Fixes to improve gameplay

  • The Magnetron is now able to be crafted.
  • Switches now work correctly
  • Doors will now remain locked after a server is restarted.
  • The Tile Mould can now be picked up.
  • Fixed a number of floating or misplaced art assets.
  • Fixed some backstory items that were non-interactable.
  • The TAB key can now be rebound. ALT and CTRL can also now be used as combo inputs.
  • Audio settings are reverted when cancelling the options menu if they were not applied.
  • Improved the overall visual look of the pickaxe and assembly tool.
  • Tools will now reflect visually the material they are crafted from. So when you make a pickaxe from gold, it should now visually appear gold!
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