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SPOILER - Avoiding a character's death?
When I was asked to talk to all the characters in Frankton before Vella's mind dungeon (that's when Chondra allows you to ask her two questions), Rory was not around. One of the options then was to go to Wind Town (which remarked not to forget about Rory).

When I visited Wind Town, Rory was at the water tank and I could not interact with him (even if I could interact with all the otther characters). I did not know what to trigger so I proceeded with the story, believing that it was part of the storyline.

Then Chapter V began with a call from Vella mentioning that Rory had comitted suicide. The storyline proceeded and the meetings among the cast went on as usual without mentioning him at all. I found it really distasteful. Then I noticed in some Let's Play videos that he was in fact still around and I am in fact missing all his interactions with the cast...

I don't know what exactly triggered his unavailability at the water tank, but I was quite annoyed about that. He does not have any impact in the storyline at all and I can still access the different endings (I believe). I am close to the end of the game and I obviously don't think about going back.

I would like to warn other players about this situation, since I have not seen any other threads regarding this topic around.
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AckkStudios  [developer] Jan 30, 2019 @ 4:48pm 
Hey @miquelangelfuentes I believe you're the first player to come across this. Rory's death is the result of how he's treated by the player. Every chance you have to apologize and hang out with him, helps him feel supported. Some examples of what needed to be done in order to make this event occur: When he asks to tell you about how he's been feeling lately and you say no, or if you hurry him along during him spilling his feelings to you. If you don't apologize when you are rude to him. Essentially, you need to continue to abuse Rory and ignore his cries for help for this to happen. The game gives the player many opportunities to correct this though....

Thank you very much for addressing this!
SirBriguyofLuge Mar 11, 2019 @ 12:01pm 
Thanks @ackkstudios for replying to this. I just experienced the same issue with Rory standing in front of water tower with rest of party members but not being able to interact with him. Was nice to him in last interaction (and did not kiss) so assumed I could get him but no answer when I knocked on his door. Game suggested I try side door but no option to interact with that. I guess you need to be consistently nice to him for him to live? Might have been mean the 1st time.
Festeroo Mar 18, 2019 @ 8:01am 
Also had the same thing happen. Never treated Rory badly and never kissed him. No suicide in my game. I went to the water tower first and he was standing there; although, I could not interact with him. Then I went to his house and had no option to interact with the side door and no one answered the front door. I reloaded the game and the glitch was fixed.
I never treated Rory badly either... never attempted to kiss him, listened to all his worries, etc. I am speechless that you managed to fix it by reloading the game.
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