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of_kindness Aug 18, 2016 @ 1:30pm
Virus Warning from Bullguard AntiVir
Hi, i installed Clickr and started it and my anti virus programm complained that clickr would hijack another procress ....

im unsure what to do now and if its save to play clickr...

Thanks for help
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ladynadiad Sep 2, 2016 @ 6:46pm 
Just a llitle hint to you, if a virus scan is saying that a game you bought or redeemed on Steam is a virus, the issue is with your virus scan, not the game.

Just use some common sense. Do you really think Valve would let devs uplod viruses disguised as games for sale? Even if you have the view that Valve's quality control sucks think on the factor of their bottom line. If even one dev got away with it and Valve did nothing, they'd lose a lot of trust from users and that would hurt profits.

So yeah, it's probably a false positive. A lot of paid virus scan programs will do this claiming they are looking at heuristics for viruses to catch a virus before it's known. What it really strikes me as is the program making itself look useful to convince people to keep paying for it and a lot of lesser known programs suffer for this.
of_kindness Sep 2, 2016 @ 7:55pm 
dear ladynadiad,
it is for sure obvious that steam tries to be a plattform without spreading viruses... but i would be careless to ignore warnings in general... i know what "fals positive" means and i was aware of that even before i posted my concerns...

there are several levels how you could see this topic. some are :

"false positive" is one of these.
"false negative" on steam plattform another.

and there are even more aspects...

for the creators of the product it could be importent as well to know if a anti virus software classifies their product as virus. they might want to look into the code again to find the structure that creates the "false positive". last time i posted similar post for another steam product the debvelopment team was thankfull and tried to fix it...

last but not least... i dont like to trust anyone blindly... its better to play save.

there is a quote about lies.... it goes something like that :
its hard to belive small lies but the huge lies are disgused through their own size.
so i hope you use some common sense as well...

be well
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