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Hitpawz Aug 1, 2017 @ 6:55am
Need Multiple Anchors
I had this posted but I took it down because I thought I was wrong, but I'm not.

We need a way to reference multiple anchor points instead of just one at a time. It would remove my method of baking out a final normal map and then bringing that back into the project and baking out my other additional maps. This is something I do on a regular basis so that my dirt and edges..etc will take the normals of my materials into consideration.

I removed the post because I didn't think of having multiple anchors with the same name.

I was hoping that I could have multiple layers with anchor points all named the same and then my generators would be able to reference all of them together, but it does not...and I feel it should. Instead, it has a list of all of the anchor points, all sharing the same name.

If we want to reference an anchor point across an entire model, in the majority of cases, we have multiple material layers on the model across the various surfaces that we paint. There's no real way to ever combine that into one layer if you need metal, leather, rubber...etc.

Hopefully this makes sense.