Cranks and Goggles
Ving Mar 31 @ 10:59am
Congratulations C&G Devs! (Patch is great!)
As I stated much earlier in this game's development, I always felt this game had much potential 'IF' the devs were able to stick with it, and get it to a state of stability, w/ also some fine tuning to the tracks and vehicles. With patch 1.1, I feel now that the game seems to now really gotten to a viable state for a wider audience, and to a point where the dev's persistence can pay off, if this game gets the proper exposure.

So congratulations Guys! I was worried I'd never see the crash fix, and that unfortunate circumstance would derail one of my favorite little indi titles, but you really delivered here, and I think you've overcome a huge hurtle that will be appreciated by all that play the game now, and all your potential new customers!

I look forward to the multiplayer improvements your working on, hinted at in the patch notes, and now find myself in the position of feeling like I can give this title a Steam recommendation! (which I will be doing shortley, after I play alittle more of the patched game :lunar2019coolpig:)

Keep up the great work!