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redbuddh@ May 6, 2016 @ 9:02am
Choppy playback of 3D SBS mkvs
My framerate on 3D SBS mkvs is terrible...very choppy. I have the klite codec pack installed and I'm using LAV for mkv playback. I'm running an i7-5960, gtx 980, and 32gb ram. Is anyone getting good playback on 3D SBS mkvs in Whirligig?
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Whirligig  [developer] May 6, 2016 @ 9:13am 

I've heard this happening specifically with mkv's but haven't been able to recreate yet. There is a beta build which uses a new plugin which might help if you are either using windows 7 or 10.

If you want to try this right click on the player in steam, go to properties and then betas. in the dropdown choose the Media foundation addition.

If it does help please say so I can pass the advice onto others. Currently there is a lot of work being done by the people (Renderheads) who make the video plugin. Once they have released a new version with directshow support across all windows platforms that will be integrated and hopefully to help towards the problem.

All the best

redbuddh@ May 6, 2016 @ 3:57pm 
I tried both betas and only had success with the media foundation edition. Out of six 3d sbs mkvs, that play perfectly in VLC, one played great in Whirligig. In the cinema format it was really amazing. The problem was every other mkv would get the error loading red box.

I know on the non-beta version if I click the back arrow on the filename it'll make the red error box go away and then I can pull the trigger to play the mkv. That little trick didn't work with the media foundation edition.

When I change back to the non-beta version all the 3d mkvs play again, but have terrible framerate. I wish I could find out what piece of codec magic VLC is using that fixes everything.

If you can get this 3d mkv playback issue figured out I'm going to add Whirligig to my list of must see apps when I demo my vive. The cinema format with controller support is just so much better than fiddling blind with a keyboard while your controllers clank up against it.
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Whirligig  [developer] May 7, 2016 @ 4:18am 
If there is any way you could send me an example of the videos that you are having problems with that would be really really useful. If I can't fix it I can at least report it to the people who make the plugin.

I'll be releasing a new version on Monday hopefully which might help (possible) :)
NETrom May 8, 2016 @ 9:45am 
Same problem here. Evey MKV move i play is laggy not just the 3D movies. The Media Foundation version won't play anything at all. I only get the red error loading box. And no i can't send you a 16+ GB move to you to try out. Just try your self to download ANY MKV file and see its laggy as hell. Sorry if a sound i little hush, but hey you taking my money for making a movie player that can't even play the most used movie format out there.
Whirligig  [developer] May 8, 2016 @ 10:44am 
@Netrom The reason I ask if there is a possibility to get an example is that I have mkv's but they seem to play fine on my setup. If there is a specific issue that I can recreate that is the same file you have then I can possibly find a solution or determine and emulate that which is causing some mkv's to play slowly. If there are small files that people have that can easily be passed on then that helps me a lot.

The media foundation version was an early implementation of a new plugin which I hoped would improve performance for some but it's looking from feedback that it still needs work to prevent it returning a failed to load error when there isn't necessarily one.

If you're not happy with the player please do get a refund and maybe try it again later. I've offered it for a small amount of money and in Early Access to help me to work on it fulltime so I can improve it get rid of the bugs with support from the community who want to try a useable but still work in progress player.

I will be updating the player tomorrow which updates to the Unity3D build, SteamVR plugin and have a large improvement on the explorer. I'll also look into recreating the issues with mkv's and try and clarify why this might be happening.

Sorry you're having problems. I'll do my best to find a solution soon.
Whirligig  [developer] May 10, 2016 @ 1:03pm 
An update.

I've got some mkv's which show some lower frame rates now. I've tested it with both the old plugin version (current standard version) and new plugin (Media foundation version). I currently have Windows 7 so the Media Foundation plugin on windows 7 uses directshow like the original plugin, this does not extend to windows 8 and 10. I did notice that the new plugin does show better performance. This is promising as the people who make this plugin will be releasing a new version within the month which will support directshow on all platforms (according to the developers).

To clarify. Once they've released their version I will update the player and you should notice some improvement to performance. If you aren't getting the performance you need and want a refund that's cool and please try again later.

There will be releases of the player before then updating the interface and adding new features so if you are happy with the player at the moment I hope you'll stick around to see the improvements :)

All the best


redbuddh@ May 10, 2016 @ 6:17pm 
Thanks for continuing to work on this issue. I look forward to your future updates.
LOOie May 14, 2016 @ 6:24am 
I have a Windows10/GTX 970/Vive. All the MKVs (H264) I have play perfectly in MPC-HC with latest klite codec pack but will stutter and corrupt when using the beta with MF. I followed the instructions on setting LAV as preferred filters but it does not seem to make any difference. So I switched to using beta with old directshow plugin and OMG.. all the stutters are gone, every single MKV file I have plays perfectly. :) I still have the occassional dropout to white where the lighthouses loses sync and drops out but I cant say this is an issue with whirligig or steamvr/vive issue.

Just a some constructive feedback and requests for Phil..

1. Can we please have all the Vive controller buttons be user remapable? I noticed the gamepad can be remapped by editing an ini file. The Vive controller is suprisingly usable once you work out its quirks, but (my opinion only) there doesn't seem to be need to force the user to use both left and right controllers. I can't argue that is not completely awesome the first time you see the floating controls but this is a 3d video player app, not Space Pirate Trainer or another cool tech demo for the Vive controller. :) Its not necessary, even really annoying when you have fumble to find both the controllers or they turn on after you accidently bump them. The controller's primary purpose should be to browse videos and control playback as quickly and easily as possible then be completely forgotten. Personally I would prefer just a simple single-handed controller with laser pointer and remappable buttons.

A simple, no fluff interface is good, especially for video players, i.e. VLC and MPC-HC popularity is not just because of codecs.

2. Please!.. can we have an ini to remap the keyboard commands like the gamepad. I suspect this will reduce the complaints because people can remap to keys they are comfortable with.

3. Re: Media Foundation.. Right now, DirectPlay with KL codecs works great for myself and a lot of people. Can we please keep DirectPlay as an option in addition to MF for future versions? I personally have very little faith that MF will provide any benefit at all for us, given Microsoft's track record with built-in Window Media Players.

4. 64bit version like in the free version? Does this still exist?

5. frame rate counter? or some sort of performance counter to see if there are minor issues with video playback?

6. visible version number and/or system info in a log! so people can help you debug.

Hope this helps someone.. ;)
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Whirligig  [developer] May 14, 2016 @ 7:19am 

Thanks very much for your feedback. Firstly regarding codecs. I'm glad you got it running smoothly. The media foundation version is an implementation of the updated plugjn from Renderheads and is available as an option not as default for the exact reason you suggest which is that is doesn't do directory show codec support on all systems. My intention once they've updated it is to have an option to use either media foundation or codec so people can switch if they like. This hopefully should offer the best of both worlds :) there plugin already has better performance on both so it should be an improvement for all.

The left and right hand being switchable is also likely to be in soon as this have been mentioned by other users also.

Being able to change the keyboard controls would be good but will need some work. Although the gamepad options have been improved which makes this much more likely. That also goes for the Vive controls :) Actually someone else also pointed out the Vive controls coming on and that it would be good to have the grip buttons turn it off and on. So that might be added soon.

The player has been out for just over a month now and I'm now moving into the process of regular updates so hopefully you will see some changes filtering through soon.

Hopefully you will find them an improvement but if not please let me know. Feedback greatly effects what I add next as it's the people who use it who are the ones who will get the most benefit.

Thanks again.

All the best.

LOOie May 14, 2016 @ 8:10am 
Thanks Phil! Great to hear.

Just in case I didn't make myself clear. I was not suggesting swapping left/right controllers. I just wanted the option to use a single controller only. Basically, the option to custom re-map buttons and trackpad to our own liking. In my case so it functions like a plain old basic DVD remote, i.e. play/pause, fwd, rev, next track, prev track, etc. with a laser pointer and trigger/selector for the normal big HMD virtual menus. You don't even need to create an interface for us, just let us manually edit a vive-controller.ini in appdata for instance. Its an easy way to allow advanced users to tweak things to thier own liking without much work on your end.

looking forward to the next update.. :)
ADO.NET May 14, 2016 @ 8:49am 
Just got my Vive, bought this app to watch 3D movies. But most of them are really choppy :(.
Some aren't but most are. Real shame. Fresh install of Windwos 10, latest nvidia drivers.
Whirligig  [developer] May 15, 2016 @ 8:47am 
Hi aXque

Some people have got smoother playback when using the LAV codec as a preferred codec although the results seem to vary greatly. You can install them separately and use a program like tweak tools to make them the prefered codec or use a codec installer like klite.

This has improved playback for some but not all so if anyone else knows of good setting for choppy files please say. You could also try the Media Foundation version of Whirligig (check news for more details) which may or may not be better. That is an early implementation of a new video plugin so might be worse but might be worth a try.

I am implementing a new plugin which should show improvements in playback but that won't be available in the main realise for a few weeks.

If you are finding that the choppyness is too much on too many files then maybe get a refund and try again later. If you do stick with it I will be updating it a lot of the coming weeks and months so hopefully you find the experience gets better and better :)

All the best.

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