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Winterstan - Null Reference Exception error message!
After playing for about 5 minintes Winterstan crashed durring game play. I got a text error messages on the screen titled "Null reference exception" with other lines of strange text such as "VZT tank manager ghost.set active (Boolian Active) etc...

I rebooted and started up steam vr and VR Zoom but it happened again several times. There were two other live players online when this happend. Evertime I got killed the error message came back when I reentered the game causing me to get off the bike and restart the arcade.

It also happens durring game play even if I do not get killed. I did not have this problem before. Any help or info why this is happening would be apreciated. Thanks.
Last edited by Biker; Jan 5 @ 2:49pm
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I've been getting the same issue since the last update... reported it to support and included my log file. It happens to me whether other players are in game or not.
Spyder17 Jan 6 @ 11:41am 
Ditto . Also reported several weeks ago, and they were checking on it. Have't played in a while as I am somewhat burned out with current games.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 8 @ 9:14am 
Thanks for the heads up. If you haven't yet, please send your output_log.txt file to – you can find that file at C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\VirZOOM\virzoom_Data. I've advised the dev team of this, but they are having some trouble zeroing in on what was causing this, so the more data I can get them, the better.

Also: What kind of avatar were you folks using when this happened? (Tank, coin-rented mech, or real-money-purchased mech?)
Spyder17 Jan 8 @ 10:31am 
Real money mech. I think I sent you the log file several weeks ago via email.
Coin-rented mech. Should I send a log for every crash?
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 8 @ 12:24pm 
Just one log per person is fine, thanks, but we do appreciate getting one log from each to help us triangulate what might be happening. We're especially interested, too, in any details you might be able to offer about what was happening when it crashed – presence (or lack thereof) of other players, shots in the air (or lack thereof), health remaining, whatever. We haven't been able to reproduce it here yet, so we're not sure what exactly is causing it.
Happened 3 times, always about 5 minutes into the game. Had good health as there weren't many AI around. Also think they were in about the same area, go what I would consuder North from where the hut is. There is a valley with some buildings and then the hill which is the edge of the playing area. Happens around the valley, maybe just before it on a hill. No other players present.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 9 @ 5:12am 
Thanks! The developers may have an idea of what's going on. Hopefully we'll be able to get a patch up soon.
It's definitely inconsistent for me. Last week I tried Winterstan several times and would always crash within 5-10 minutes. Tonight did 90 minutes all in Winterstan with no crashing.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 10 @ 8:48am 
Yeah, that's why the devs have had such a tough time isolating the cause. Last I heard, it may be an issue with ghost data. They're working on it, at any rate!
Biker Jan 10 @ 8:45pm 
Was playing winterstan tonight for about an hour and had no problems.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 11 @ 10:25am 
Biker, can I ask your VirZOOM account name, and whether you were using a tank or a mech?

I think we're probably going to (perhaps temporarily) disable ghosts in Quickplay mode while we try to figure this out. It does raise a question for me I want to ask in our upcoming survey, but if anybody here happens to be reading this and chiming in, I'd be curious to know:

How do you feel about the ghosts that show you instant replays of your own best score and the scores of others near you on the leaderboards? Are they good in some games and not in others? Do you even notice them, really?

(This might help determine whether we turn ghosts back on, given how tricky they've been to debug lately....)
I really like having the ghosts in games like gate race where I can see what others, or myself, have done on previous attempts. Not as useful in tank levels, but I have used it to look at others gameplay strategy... see things like players sitting stationary on outskirts shooting tanks. I played the smaller tank map last night and noticed there were no ghosts... hit or miss whether I have them when I start a level.
Biker Jan 11 @ 12:51pm 
Hi Jason, My VirZoom account name is also Biker and I was using Mech. When I was playing a few days ago Winterstan kept crashing but when I played last night it did not crash at all. I don't know if it is related but the only change I made was to uninstall the VirZoom Game Emulator and vjoy from my system.

I like the ghosts for the same reasons as digitaljackson.

I will be playing again today and will report my experience.
Jason at VirZOOM  [developer] Jan 11 @ 12:58pm 
Thanks! This is really helpful!
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