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Devs no where to be seen.
I'd love at least one person to come by and say SOMETHING about the state of the game. The last communication I can find from the devs came from late January.

Game has been so fun, while I've been streaming it. But there's bugs cropping up the more I play.

Like lately anytime I enter a sub, my own included, or any docking area. There's a little window always present that says "Unnamed Position" or something like that.

I'd be satisfied with just about any word from the devs. Even just to say they are still around.
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MAKAROV May 20 @ 4:45am 
Поддерживаю , полная тишина по игре , если работы по игре идут , то хотя бы доводите какую нибудь информацию до игроков . Если вы забросили игру , то напишите это жирным текстом на первой полосе" ПРОЕКТ ЗАКРЫТ " а то все ждут не известно чего.
Asmosis Jun 4 @ 7:25am 
The post in January pretty much covered it, i'm not sure what else you want them to add.

When your dealing with a team of 1-5 people give or take like a lot of small indie groups, real life commitments such as full time jobs, family etc play a significant role in the development cycle as opposed to medium-large indie teams or other developers.

They don't need to be constantly here to reassure you that they are working on it, and frankly that sort of behaviour shouldn't be encouraged. Let them do their work, and it'll be ready when its ready.

One of my fav indie games, Kenshi, has been in development for 10 years. Life happens, and incremental work doesnt always result in patch notes.
The developer isn't working on the game anymore.

This is his twitter.


The game he is working on.


And his name listed at tech/art lead.


I emailed Good Shepard entertainment about a month ago to see if there was working being done. Their last check in with the developer was almost a month before. The representative was tight lipped; but from what I could piece together reading between the lines there was not much progress being made.

I'm sorry to say it Asmosis but I think the game is dead. If the developer can't be bothered to atleast make some kind of post about his passion project I seriously doubt he is still working on it.
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Uninstalling now, then.
MAKAROV Jun 7 @ 4:22am 
Я обожаю эту игру , конечно жалко , что прогресс по игре остановился . Хотя за 9 месяцев можно было что то сделать. Но пусть хотя бы исправят крупные ошибки в игре и дальше занимаются своими житейскими проблемами .
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Asmosis Jun 7 @ 4:53am 
That would be the full time job i was referring to.
*They don't need to be constantly here to reassure you that they are working on it, and frankly that sort of behaviour shouldn't be encouraged. Let them do their work, and it'll be ready when its ready.*

You know what, they don't. But you want to know what I'm upset about?


Put on your big boy pants and just f * c k i n g working on it. 30 minutes of work every evening is not an unreasonable expectation FOR PAID CUSTOMERS. As of right now the game has a game breaking script error for most players rendering completing the game impossible.

If we're expecting 10 years of continuing work the developer needs to refund the kickstarter and delist the game for sale on steam.

Scroll through the developers social media. He is not a person of fortitude. He gave up.
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What error would that be?
Warchild8 Jun 10 @ 10:11am 
when devs go silent, you know the game as died a sad death. i,ve seen it and payed for them, Alot of early access games. (money maker)...........think about IT.
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