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BLADE ARCUS from Shining: Battle Arena

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Jake_Degica  [developer] Feb 22, 2018 @ 12:19am
Read Me First! Welcome to the BLADE ARCUS from Shining: Battle Arena community
Welcome to the community forum for BLADE ARCUS from Shining: Battle Arena. If you need official support, please contact us via the link below.

Where to get official support
For official support, please contact directly with the game title in the subject.

If you are seeking technical support and none of the steps below have worked for you, send us an email and provide the following:
  • Your system specs (CPU, GPU, RAM, OS).
  • GPU driver version used. If you have multiple GPUs (for example in a laptop) please provide information for both.
  • Please provide clear information on what exactly happens when trying to play the game on your machine. Do you manage to get into the launcher or does your issue already happen before that? Does the game always crash at a specific point in the game, or randomly after a certain time?

First Things to Check
  1. Do the usual - Install the latest Windows Updates and install the latest drivers for your graphics card/chipset.
  2. Please keep in mind the minimum requirements for the game found on the store page.
  3. Please disable any additional software that might be getting in the way.
    Various virus scanners are known to be problematic with a lot of games, so please try disabling them temporarily to see if it solves your problem.
  4. If you are running the game activated via Steam, please verify all files are present on your PC correctly.Steam offers convenient functionality to verify your local files. Right Click on the game in your Steam game library, select 'Properties' > Select the 'Local Files' Tab, and then select 'Verify Integrity of Game Cache'. Steam will verify all your files and will re-download any required in cases there are corruptions.
  5. Games Do Not Run After ‘Preparing to Launch’
  6. [/url]
  7. My computer crashes / BSOD

Online Mode
You may experience lag issues if you select a room with a farther distance. We recommend you choose "Near" for matchmaking. We also suggest choosing someone with 3 bars connection.

What is Degica Games role in this?
When Studio Saizensen decided to publish the game internationally on Steam, they reached out to us for support, due to our past relationship publishing Code of Princess and the Umihara Kawase Trilogy, some of their other games. Studio Saizensen is the publisher, but we are assisting in doing some of the ground work for them, especially in EN, as we have more experience in that area. It is something we are very happy to be involved with, as Blade Arcus is a great fighter that really does need a worldwide release.

Will this game be available for purchase in the SEA and East Asia Region?
Unfortunately there are currently no plans for Blade Arcus: Battle Arena to be available in these regions.

Which version of Blade Arcus is this PC/Steam version based on?
This version is based on Blade Arcus from Shining 2.1 EX. This was published in Japan by Studio Saizensen. It is different from the consumer (PS4) version. The main difference between the two versions is that the Steam version will feature Online mode and Training Mode. It won’t have Art Gallery and Arena Mode which were present in the Japanese consumer release.

Thanks for playing!

The Degica Games support team