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Koonschi  [developer] Apr 22, 2018 @ 8:35am
Bugfix Log Patch 0.17.1+ [beta branch]
As announced, here's the hotfix log for bugfixes concerning the current patch. We'll update this log as we go, since we won't do a new announcement for every since bugfix.

Bugfixes 2018-04-22
  • Fixed a crash in faction war defenders when something gets hit by a rogue shot
  • Improved performance and memory footprint of background & planet generation
    • This should hopefully fix quite a few crashes on sector change
  • Fixed a few crashes when placing turrets
  • Fixed a crash when updating structural integrity fields
  • Fixed a potential crash when receiving messages
  • Fixed a script crash/hang in trade AI
  • Fixed an error/script hang in search and rescue mission
  • Fixed wormhole guardian script crashing on client when spawned in a sector without planets
  • Fixed an issue in trader-attacked-by-pirates event where the script would hang after both pirates and trader got destroyed the same time
  • Fixed several crashes while generating sectors
  • Fixed a crash when executing /addcrew as a non-player

Bugfixes 2018-04-27
  • Added more info to crash reports
  • Fixed a potential crash when resolving intersections of entities
  • Fixed a crash when creating a wormhole guardian without a planet in the sector
  • Optimized memory usage of sky background generator
  • Fixed several script crashes in entitydbg.lua
  • Fixed several crashes due to wrong indexing and cross-referencing of entities
  • Fixed a crash when player doesn't have an alliance and is being attacked by a ship that belongs to no faction
  • Fixed a rare crash when opening galaxy map
  • Fixed a crash when ship window is open and ship gets destroyed
  • Fixed a crash when transferring crew and goods
  • Fixed a crash when multithreadedly building tooltips
  • Fixed a crash when a player logs out and another player logs in at the exact same time
  • Added detection of crashes in GPU drivers
  • Fixed a crash when inserting systems while ship gets destroyed
  • Server shuts down gracefully when ports are inaccessible
  • Fixed several crashes related to thread local storage not working correctly on Windows
  • Fixed allies sometimes not attacking wormhole guardian by themselves
  • Fixed trading not working when interacting with an entity that can't have turrets
  • Fixed script for selling asteroids crashing sometimes
  • Fixed several crashes in script for hiring crew
  • Fixed several crashes when spawning multiple ships and a ship gets destroyed before the whole bunch was spawned

Bugfixes 2018-04-28
  • Fixed a crash when server is already bound to an address
  • Fixed a crash when exiting game on Windows
  • Fixed a crash when saving a sector

Patch 2018-04-30
  • Fixed a crash in trade AI
  • Fixed several issues in trading overview upgrade
  • Fixed a crash in ComboBox
  • Added startingLog to stacktrace report
  • Fixed a crash when initializing entities with init.lua
  • Fixed a crash in explore sector mission
  • Fixed a crash when building turret tooltips
  • Client: Added a splash screen
  • Client: Added Avorion logo to main menu

Bugfixes 2018-05-01
  • Fixed a crash during server start when addresses are already in use
  • Fixed lots of errors in UI due to bad referencing of UI elements after rework
  • Fixed a crash in torpedo warning when a torpedo gets shot down or deleted
  • Fixed an issue in collision detection leading to railguns (and long-reach-beam weapons in general) not dealing damage

Bugfixes 2018-05-02
  • Several minor performance improvements
  • Improved performance of several UI elements
    • Especially for players who subscribed to lots of workshop items
    • Time per frame/update tick is now at ~0.2 ms, from up to 4 ms
  • Fixed a rare crash when trying to read used memory from lua states
  • Fixed a crash in organize goods mission
  • Fixed several issues with the interaction of research station and usable items
  • Fixed a crash when starting server and jumps.dat is corrupted
  • Fixed a crash in relationchanges when the destroying faction doesn't exist
  • Fixed a crash when a trader spawns the exact moment a station is destroyed
  • Fixed splash screen not displaying correctly in some cases
Features 2018-05-02
  • Improved behavior of text boxes (support deleting words with Ctrl + Backspace)
  • Added a small FPS and frame time display on the top right of the screen
  • Improved debug output and crash report sending
Bugfixes 2018-05-03
  • Fixed distress call mission not terminating correctly in some cases
  • Fixed sector exploration mission not showing explorable objects in some cases
  • Fixed several crashes
  • Several performance improvements
  • Fixed some missing files in dedicated server environment
  • Fixed a crash when fighting the wormhole guardian
Bugfixes 2018-05-29
  • Improved performance of script execution
  • Fixed several crashes related to script initialization
  • Fixed a crash when components get invalidated in scripts
  • Fixed lua stacktraces being sent wrongly
  • Fixed sellable asteroid showing "Unknown" as faction
  • Fixed an exploit that allowed the duping of ships
Bugfixes 2018-06-13
  • Fixed an issue where "sell to station" prices were displayed as zero when trading from an alliance ship
  • Fixed a bug in wormhole guardian fight allies when assigning them to not attack the guardian
  • Fixed two potential crashes related to script UI
  • Fixed a crash in galaxy when a player logs in while another player is checking for broken AI factions
  • Fixed a crash in UI ship displayers
  • Fixed a crash when closing the game with ALT F4 from strategy state
  • Improved performance of alliance inventory tab by only updating the selection with changes
  • Fixed an issue where turrets in the building inventory window weren't updated correctly
  • Fixed an issue when spawning the wormhole guardian
  • Fixed a minor issue in passsector.lua that led to unnecessary error printing
  • Fixed a crash in delivery mission
  • Fixed several crashes in scripts related to faction infos not yet being present on the client
  • Fixed several crashes related to persecutors
  • Fixed several crashes when transferring crew, goods or fighters
  • Scripting API: Fixed a crash when setting client Player's selectedObject to nil
  • Scripting API: If lua VM is invalid after execution, invokeFunction() functions report failure now
  • Scripting API: Renamed Crumple damage to Collision
  • Fixed several issues related to font and text rendering
  • Fixed an error when players log in/out and InvokeScriptMessages are sent
  • Fixed a crash in building mode
  • Fixed an exploit related to holo blocks and block transformation
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Cheabred Apr 29, 2018 @ 9:46pm 
Is the GPU supposed to use 99% of its dedicated memory all the time?
General Lee Apr 30, 2018 @ 8:04pm 
I am having an issue after the 4-30 update where while playing on a multiplayer server i cannot transfer single crew members between ships. Only the transfer all button works.
Could we please have more effective thrusters? trying to add thrusters for braking on a slimline vessel of a regular modern ship design is pretty much useless, since they require a large enough block that even when the entire ship is made out of titanium (going for a cruiser esque build) does not have enough brake thrust. even when fitting a thruster than runs the length of my ship, filling its interior completely, its break speed is atrocious and no matter which material I use, its always the same amount of thrust for a duplicate sized block. At the moment im not building any larger vessels since the brake thrust needed is not obtainable, meaning these vessels are more likely to dissasemble themselves on a station even when slowing down at 10k.
Last edited by AVI-Hatsune Miku-IVA; May 1, 2018 @ 2:43am
NikiNet May 1, 2018 @ 3:59am 
So. After last update(BETA), client part of game was bugged with:
Trading. I can not buy/sell resorces and goods on stations. Dealing with pilots works correctly;
Damage. I try not all weapons, but railguns have issues. I can land one hit, but all damage after this moment to enemy ship doesnt deal. Sometimes i can hit random found block, but its too hard to find that weal spot. Also, sometimes i can't salvage defeated enemies with salvage guns.
Last edited by NikiNet; May 1, 2018 @ 4:07am
Smokerich May 1, 2018 @ 4:26am 
same here....when I change the wares section (example: from weapons to torpedos) then the info windows seems to be overlaying, so on mouse over I can see the edges of the other info windows and I see the info for a torpedo but the mouse over is on a weapon.
Centyfirst May 1, 2018 @ 4:40am 
Originally posted by Smokerich:
same here....when I change the wares section (example: from weapons to torpedos) then the info windows seems to be overlaying, so on mouse over I can see the edges of the other info windows and I see the info for a torpedo but the mouse over is on a weapon.
Same. Buying or selling some in Stations are crashed. Windows double on Weaponstation cant use +/- and so on. Come on what are you doing with this Patch. We have so many Issues.... Fix it..
Lynx May 1, 2018 @ 5:19am 
4-30 has some intense issues. I have also experienced the Crew (including goods/fighters) Transfer(Gamebreaking) and Railguns not hitting bugs(annoying). There are also problems with the Station building (Solarpowerstation can't be build - Creates(and charges for) a Teslacoil factory instead).
For some reason (but that was in 27/28 already) I found a ship (loaded with crew, weapons and some goods) of my friend playing with me on a LAN server.
He didn't had it in his fleetlist and when i told him, he jumped over (not with the change sector option) and he could control it (still not in his fleetlist)
He transferred all goods & crew and decommisioned it with the buildmode. Afterwards all his fighters(and the bluprints) in his Flagship seem to have disappeared.
By the way, speaking of fighters: it would be so nice to have a blip on the map if you had some in a sector... sometimes you call them back (or forgot to) and a few stayed behind.
Then you have to go through the log and go to all sectors you visited again where they may have been lost in... happened a few times and is annoying as ....
And maybe upgrade the Cargodrones - 1 Unit of Cargo is ridiculous for the price (mine were at 10k Iron - late game so no Iron nearby)
And you can't send fighters per Email - if you drag them out of the Hangar on the Email window they vanish - not to send them as a mail is ok, but return them to the hangar at least.

Finally I do have to mention that we use some mods:MoveUI, ShipScriptLoader and CarrierCommands which should not be affecting those bugs. They also stopped working correctly but that is another story. Yet I would love to see carriercommands and moveui working again, as they did in 4-28... is there an option to roll back for the time being?
Last edited by Lynx; May 1, 2018 @ 5:22am
Koonschi  [developer] May 1, 2018 @ 5:36am 
There were some issues with the UI, I've already fixed and the patch is on the way.
Smokerich May 1, 2018 @ 5:57am 
thanks :)
metall_mann May 1, 2018 @ 6:21am 
same problems here since the very last update:

stations dont recognize own cargo, cant buy anything from stations (wont let my type any number except 0) Turret Factories wont let me put in more or less materials, cant sell to resource depots.

happens in SP, on different savegames
Fluxuations May 1, 2018 @ 6:54am 
ETA on that patch ?
getting item to buy not found
cant use rsource depots
alliance vault is somewhat tedious xD
Koonschi  [developer] May 1, 2018 @ 7:52am 
Patch is out now, got a little delayed because I found & fixed the cause for the railguns not dealing damage. Hope you don't mind.
chicoguy_2003 May 1, 2018 @ 8:22am 
i can now sell resources but cannot buy them trading still broken. still getting item item to buy not found message. even on a brand new start.
Smokerich May 1, 2018 @ 8:23am 
is the patch only for the server or even for the clients ?
chicoguy_2003 May 1, 2018 @ 8:26am 
clients as well. the current beta build is unplayable have to go back to the last stable if you want to do anything.
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