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Mart Apr 5 @ 2:22am
[#70] Multiplayer - Problems & Improvements
After update #70 sadly still some problems remain, these are different issues and some are the same.

#1 Game sometimes still gets out of sync or some kind of sync problem?
- Often when one player is done with playing and player 2 has to play, it seems that player 2 cannot get his turn and not be able to play.

***2 On the Time Machine table there is a strange effect on the ball when it rolls over the glass***

***3 Butterfly on Farfalla not displaying***
The buttefly on Farfalla seems to not display correctly in Multiplayer, this happens only when you watch the other player play however.

***4 Friend inviting does not work yet***
When you use the friend invite feature it seems the person joins and leaves quickly, see screenshot:

***5 Tilt screen***
When you got Tilt in one of your multiplayer games, sometimes when loading a new table you would still see some TILT screens.

Then there is something that also needs some work and this is the during the game itself.
If somebody goes to the main menu or stops, the whole game stops.

I think what should happen is that the ball of that player should drop into the drain and then the other player goes on and the other players can resume playing. (it will just skip the turn of that player who is missing but the score remains on the board).
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Mart Apr 26 @ 2:41pm 
Topic updated, some problems are still present.
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