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NikonLaci Jan 8, 2013 @ 10:32am
Forgot my Windows live ID, i can't save my game now.
Well i believe the title says it all, i got the game with my new graphics card about a year ago, and i loved to play it. I had to make a windows live account, so i can save the game . (makes no sense imo but w/e.) So i made an account, and in case i forget it, ( because obviously i would never use it, only when i play dirt...) i saved it in a .txt file. My HDD crashed, and i had to buy a new one, reinstall windows, etc, and i lost the .txt and i can not remember what was it. I tried to contact windows, but they said they can not give personal information. I told them i have the game attached to my steam, i can provide the cd key, my steam account, even my ID card's photo if i have to, and i didnt even ask for the password, i just wanted to know the email, because usually i have about 4 passwords i use, and i was sure i could log in if i have the account name at last. But they still refused to give it to me. So, what can i do now? The game is useless for me if i can't save. Thanks in advance for the help!

TLDR: Can't remember my live account, and i cant save, how can i get it?
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DriLL@Xx Jan 23, 2013 @ 12:06pm 
same here, windows live just didn't need to be part of this game at all. just another password I forgot registerd to an email password long forgot. too many websites to register too, to much to remember.. its easy to forget but microsoft should't even need a login - JUST F*CK OFF MICROSOFT - I PAID FOR THIS YOU CHEEKY C*NTS!!!!!!!!!!!!
NikonLaci Jan 24, 2013 @ 1:45am 
Hey! After noone replying to this thread, i wrote an email to codemasters. They said they cant help, and told me to contact xbox live support. I was like, wtf why xbox, when i want help with pc, but whatever, i tried it. You can open a ticket, and choose if u want an Ambassador, to contact you via chat, (i had 5 mins wait time), a Microsoft Expert contact u via chat (5 mins.) or a Microsoft Expert contact you via phone (1 min.). I chose chat with the expert, went to smoke a cigarette, and when i came back a pop-up windowed appeared with a chat screen, and a guy called stephen asked me to tell him more details. He asked me if i remember the account name, i told him that i think it will be xy, and he asked me if he can call me. I told him sure, and he told me some emails i have tried. 1 was working, but that was my xbox live account, so he told me to hang up, and he will try sg. else. Meanwhile i downloaded dirt 3, and when i ran it, it gave me a code in steam. I gave stephen the code, and he could track the account. He called me once again, gave me the email address, i realised it was mine, and the first password i entered was correct. I could log in, and i saw Dirt 3 in my games. So yay, i can play now thanks to Stephen :) U should try it aswell, Http://support.xbox.com/en-gb/contact-us?xr=shellnav Good luck!
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DriLL@Xx Jan 24, 2013 @ 4:57pm 
nice one judgement day, I went through hours of migrane inducing concentration (nearly contemplating hypnotism to regress me to a previous password creating moment!) lol.. seriously though, I rememberd it in the end.. but WHAT A HASSTLE! Codemasters developed dirt 3, valve distrubute it through steam. WHY must we remember a password for micrsofts failed marketpace when they have nothing to do with it?

Anyways, thanks for the reply - and well done stephen - a helpful support guy?!

peace is restored now.. well apart from the sick engine sounds coming outta my headphones. Yeahhh!!!!
You should always keep a little black book with all your usernames and passwords. Good to see your problem fixed though.
batreni Jun 23, 2013 @ 3:02pm 
Hi I am having the same issue. I contacted steam support just like you recommended but I got nothing except to keep trying variations of what i think my email could have been. I tried to ask about the product code to track an account. and they kept telling me that they don't have steams records and they aren't steam. ....like i don't already know that-__- I don't see how Steam wouldnt be able to track a MICROSOFT account associated with the product code....
Raiden_chino Jun 24, 2013 @ 6:23pm 
Originally posted by batreniqt:
I don't see how Steam wouldnt be able to track a MICROSOFT account associated with the product code....

Because Steam has nothing to do with GFWL. They are two separated systems. Steam has no knowledge of your GFWL account.
Asking Valve for help with GFWL accounts is like asking Microsoft for help with Steam accounts.

Your Steam and GFWL accounts are not attached in any way.

You need to contact Microsoft.
batreni Jun 24, 2013 @ 9:30pm 
i meant "would". sorry. im irritated because i DID contact Microsoft...and they kept saying "we don't have steam records" and i waited a long time to talk to them and got nothing. what you just said is what i meant. i was a little too frustrated and made a typo. i just dont want to have to play my game through AGAIN to get to where i was..and i asked if there was a way to run the code through the system to see if the account attatched to it is mine. I know half the email and ive tried so many combos to find it...
Ļeroy jenkins Jun 28, 2013 @ 7:39pm 
" i DID contact Microsoft...and they kept saying "we don't have steam records"

shouldnt have even said anything about steam to them. Its a live account issues and thats Microsofts thing.:tradingcard:
batreni Jul 17, 2013 @ 7:43am 
yeah. thanks anyway for trying to help. I just restarted the game from a new account.
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Agret Jul 18, 2013 @ 2:13am 
Why would you have more than 1 email address? You can signup for a microsoft account using your existing email you don't have to make a new one for GFWL....

It is true that microsoft do not have Steam records and Steam do not have Microsoft records. However the product key provided by Steam is a GFWL key so if you just say you have a retail copy and forgot your account and provide the CD Key they should be able to look it up for you and tell you which account it is associated with like they did for DrillaXX
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Sysgen Jul 18, 2013 @ 6:42am 
Originally posted by -MCG{A}-Razgriz2099:
You should always keep a little black book with all your usernames and passwords. Good to see your problem fixed though.

Little Black Books get lost or stolen. Download TrueCrypt. Install it on your PC and a standalone install on a USB stick so it's portable. Create a TrueCrypt "drive" on the USB stick. Mount it when done. Put all your personal stuff on that then dismount the TrueCrypt drive. Once dismounted, copy the TrueCrypt partition to your Google Drive folder on your PC (Google cloud). When you update one TrueCrypt drive just synch the TrueCrypt drive to the other. The point is always keep a copy in the cloud in case you lose your USB stick. BTW if you lose it don't worry as your files are safely stored with the TrueCrypt drive and only you have the key.
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