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xbox release?
alright so i have about 2000 people on xbox waiting for this and space engineers and a whole lot of games from pc to port, i remember you mentioning you had looked into it a while back wasnt sure if you guys are still planning anything at all for that. If not its alright a few people may be bummed but oh well

if you were im sure you could get pretty good graphics on a one x and S, maybe really low on older ones xD weve seen those original xbox one pubg videos haha
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They were working on an Xbox version at some point. Looks like something happened and they were unable to finish it up or something :(
J.C. Smith  [developer] Feb 19 @ 8:45pm 
It seems unlikely it will happen at this point.
Originally posted by J.C. Smith:
It seems unlikely it will happen at this point.
isnt there a way you could negotiate a deal with XBOX as an exclusive title, it would still be allowed on steam as seen with quantum break, just you couldnt go to playstation for so many years, this would allow you to continue work !

ik not all devs like the exclusive deals, but i mean you could even see about a year or 2 exclusive title, after that go to ps4 7 days die has a 36000 player community with thousands that still play each month, xbox loves these games and this even though its not the repopulation, it is so unique. i only quit playing because i had a crap computer, i now have a i7 with a 1070 xD im ready for some fragmented.

ig its your game but options are there, hate to see dev teams die out, you had a great design and vision, just wish more could see it. remember though xD halo was going to be a apple only title lol
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I like how you think, but sadly, I just don't think XBOX would give 2 flying Fs.
Originally posted by HolyAvengerOne:
I like how you think, but sadly, I just don't think XBOX would give 2 flying Fs.

well the way the console wars were last year and a bit this year, xbox is really hyping up their exclusives while PS4 is trying to get players to kinda scoff at it with their PS NOW ads xD

i get xbox isnt a friend, its a company, but im pretty sure if they could get another exclusive title for lets say a black friday release, then im sure theyd look into it as a possibility

but, it doesnt hurt to try, it hurts to sit back and be kicked in the stomach, you gotta get up and try, you cant help your company if your not willing to do it yourself.

i havent done anything dev wise but ik some people who have, i know some devs that had their entire team embezzle the money and the one guy is still to this day updating the game!

its not about if they WILL help, its about that they CAN help.

Youll never know what would happen until you do it
worst case scenario, the world blows up xD
im just saying perhaps its something they could look into, xbox enjoys exclusives and if its a permanent exclusive deal, in all reality you could do your repopulation in unreal engine idea

just name it under a different title and set it like 2000 years after the repop, not a literal but spiritual successor :D but this way its not a microsoft title and you dont have to have it exclusive its how bungie got out of their halo exclusivity deal :P and while destiny is dying, that money is letting them work on another title.
I understand what you're saying. All I'm saying is that, from my perspective, Microsoft/Xbox won't even talk to them when they see an average of 5 players over the last month :

There are so many games on their radar, this mustn't even blip.
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Atech66 Mar 17 @ 9:21am 
There are alot of unaddressed issues that no way in hell would MS want this garbage on the store. Its an unfinished job that got released.. as are so many EA games. made some $$ walked away.
Neptune Apr 21 @ 12:57pm 
and this is why i stayed as pc atleast we get most games even i dont need xbox and I dont like sony anyway they runed alot of stuff that i never forgive them
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