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Survival question
I know it's abandoned, so that aside...

Do the monsters or enemies ever attack your base in single player? Do they ever present a challenge when you're NOT purposely seeking them?

To me a survival sandbox isn't survival without attacks on the base. And I believe this should be the case even in late game, albeit maybe with allowances like sacrificing a conveniences or bonuses for less danger to your base.

I'm asking as someone who hasn't purchased. This is a question I always have about survival sandboxes. What I see is a lot of them may or may not have actual survival, especially in late game or when you have a base. This can be hard to find out, since I have to dig through the reviews to find out.

Maybe a new tag is needed. You'd think in games where bases are important there'd also be threats to the base if it's a survival game! If not then don't mislead players into thinking it's a survival game and then surprising them when they discover it isn't!

Note this is one reason I usually choose PvP MMO's or choose PvP servers--because a lot of MMO's have weak PvE. And it looks like a lot of survival sandboxes are the same way--making MP a required feature. It shouldn't be this way. We shouldn't have to go on a PvP server to get some actual survival in a base building game. Be it single player or multiplayer PvE there should always be some threats to our base from the AI AND envionrmental hazards (like leaky pipes or badly leveraged layout).

I'm currently in the process of making a list of survival sandboxes that do have some amount of random PvE base attacks. It's hard because I have to go by reviews and forum posts. There's no tag for this. And I don't wnat to have to buy every single one and play for several hours just to find out.

here's a small list so far:
1) Planet Explorers (weak)
2) Empyrion - Galactic Survival (was stronger now it's weaker, since now it's only a part of the game when you anger a faction)
3) Starmade (probably)
4) Eden STar (probably)
5) Pantropy (maybe but no single player atm)
6) Outpost Zero (weak to moderate in mid to late game)
7) Subsistence (weak to moderate; but isn't scifi)
8) osiris: new Dawn (can adjust the rate of attacks apparently)
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In Fragmented, NPCs will attack you only when they detect you in their patrol zones.
If you build something within that zone, they will still only try to attack you and will not attack your base structure.
However Fragmented was very fun to play, and for $2 or less how can you go wrong.

Based on what you say you're looking for, you should check out 7 Days to Die if you don't already have it. In that game you resource, craft and construct forts to protect yourself against the vicious NPC mob that will be coming after you. They'll tear through your structure if they can to get at you, so prepare well.

Emperion Alpha 10 is coming soon, probably during the Steam summer sale. It will feature much more aggressive NPCs, with ground forces as well as drones that will attack your base, with a strong chance they will actually capture your base and turn it against you. Of the three factions, it is still easy to maintain Zirax anger against you, and it takes quiet a bit if effort to get the other two to like you. Peace is easy to shatter.
Agreed with Tommy, +1 :steamhappy:
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