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Alphadef 2013年5月10日下午12:20
VR unusuals research
Sent to steam support, they said they'd forward it to the proper department, but also suggested I send it here too:

Effect: Account:
Bubbling 1)Nothing down, many "distracting" looking forward, occasional bubbles looking up
2)"Like being inside a fish tank, bubbles everywhere"

Stormy Storm 1)Cloud looking up, Rain not bad

Scorching 1)Nothing

Blizzardy 1)Snow particles when looking straight or down, obscuring cloud looking up
2)white dots floating down

Ghost 1)not to obscuring, not too many ghost at once, translucent, Nothing looking up
2)Nothing up or down, ghost in view forward, more annoying than blocking

Purple Energy 1)Hard to tell players teams, Large purple/yellow flame in face
2)"Giant Pink Blob"

TF Logo 1) circles around head, closer to top of head, not to obscuring of view

Steaming 1)Translucent smoke, only truly visible in melee, slightly obscuring
2)Covers screen

O. Fire 1)Nothing

Harvest Moon 1)Green cloud W/ moon in top of screen when looking up

E. O. Fire 1)Nothing

Circling Peace 1)Constantly flying in and out of view when looking forward or upward, pink trail following "annoying"

Smoking 1)Dark smoke taking up most of the screen, hard to see through, looking up or down removes it for a second, then it comes back
2)Covers Screen

Cloudy Moon 1)Cloud looking up

Circling Heart 1)Not too bad, always see a little bit no matter what direction you look

Stormy 13th Hour 1)Rain looking forward, Purple Cloud with skull looking up, "Nice"

Nuts & Bolts 1)Nothing

Cauldron Bubbles 1)Green smoke and bubbles obscure screen

Burning 1)Nothing

Sunbeams 1)Light moving outwards, Blinding if moving backwards, same up, down, or forward (excluding backwards walking)

O. Lantern 1)occasionally passes the screen looking forward, see tips of flame looking up, nothing down

Misty skull 1)Seen looking up, little bit changing weapons, half seen while jumping

Green energy 1)Flashes into view looking around, annoying, Blinding looking down

Planets 1)Nothing
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Alphadef 2013年5月10日下午12:20 
tabs came out weird, sorry
ManiacMal 2013年5月10日下午12:25 
I wish I knew wtf you were talking about honestly. No where are you stating what you are trying to suggest or discuss.
Alphadef 2013年5月10日下午12:28 
Steam support linked me here :P
ManiacMal 2013年5月10日下午12:36 
Well that's great and all but what are you even talking about? For a game? What?
Bamboozle 2013年5月10日下午8:08 
He's telling what he's seeing while wearing an unusual with oculus.
Jimo 2013年5月12日下午1:47 
Steaming is pretty bad with world models set to 1. I'm guessing something like this requires quite a lot of work to fix.
最后由 Jimo 编辑于; 2013年5月12日下午1:49
Alphadef 2013年5月12日下午6:00 
引用自 Hashbrick
Well that's great and all but what are you even talking about? For a game? What?
Very top of the page, shows topics: Team Fortress 2 > Virtual Reality > Topic Details
Star Trucker 2013年5月29日下午9:24 
If it really bothers you, take off the hat while Rifting. Derp.
Alphadef 2013年5月30日下午1:46 
It doesn't really bother me, I just felt like gathering the data and presenting it
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