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Preferred settings
Been playing around with TF2 since I've received my rift and was wondering what settings seem to work for others. Mostly I'm thinking of demoing this to some people and what works for me might not work for them.

I tend to use:
  • vr_moveaim_mode: 3 or 4. Can't decide what i like best
  • vr_hud_axis_lock_to_world: 7. So that I know where front is and makes the menus usable ingame (I'll explain below)
  • vr_hud_max_fov: 80. Make menus a little larger, and almost usable.

I've messed around with the limits, but am still playing around with it.

Ok, the menus. Due to the low res of the rift, menus & the HUD are pretty much unreadable.

But when in game (ie: connected to a server), the menus will be locked in the same position as the hud would. So using "vr_hud_axis_lock_to_world 7" will lock it to the "front" and allow me to move my head to look around the menu. Then I use vr_hud_max_fov to make the menus and text larger so that I can read it despite the low rez of the unit.

This has made it much easier for me to read what people are typing in game and respond to questions about my experience with the rift (since I run around with the TF2VRH hat when I'm playing with it)

Unfortuantely, when disconnected from a game, the menu just fills the screen and I have issues seeing the corners.
Team Fortress 2 > Virtual Reality > Aiheen tiedot
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