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Cant configure it properly.
Was setting up my rift to work with TF2, the second that I had the lines go to the corner of the screen as said in the wiki guide, set up so that I barley see it when focusing in on it. I will then try and read the text but everything is not readable, I am just having a hard to adjusting it so that it finds my proper IPD. To make matters worse, as I kept going into the vr_calibrate in console, the top and bottom portions don't show the green lines anymore, the only lines that do show are left and right. I tried uninstalling and re-installing but nothing fixed it.

My question is, what do I do specifically to get the right calibration? Do i make all the green lines go to one side of the display?

My current configuration is Left Eye( 550, 250, 143, 584), Right Eye (550, 250, 139, 584) Assuming I can even read the blurry text as it said.
I believe the ipd says 1.5mm (555.5 something).

I am using the default configuration on my oculus rift (the default lenses that were automatically loaded in there), and I made it so that the screen inside is the farthest setting on the device itself (left side is all the way clockwise, and right side all the way counter clockwise).

I just wish I had more pictures and guidance on how to properly set it up and what to specifically do to make it so the text is readable and I can actually navigate the menus.

I am able to run the demo scene that is currently from the oculus developer website just fine with no problems in my display (Assuming that pixelation is a known issue).

Thanks and hopefully somebody can point me in the right direction.
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The text is not readable via the current Oculus Rift and the current resolution. The configuration helps with depth perception I believe. There is a "screen door" effect with the current dev kit as well.
Programmer Joe  [sviluppatore] 18 apr 2013, ore 14:51 
If you delete config.cfg from your steam install directory (<installdir>/steamapps/<username>/team fortress 2/tf/cfg/config.cfg) that should reset the calibration and let you start back with the default calibration.

Top and bottom don't affect IPD, so not having those be right won't affect anything. Your IPD is way bigger than 1.5mm though. The human average is 65mm or 2.5 inches. Having it set to 1.5mm is likely to make it hard to fuse anything. I would set the vr_separation_user_inches convar to 2.5 to get back to normal human sizes.

Are you closing one eye and trying to calibrate both sides with the same eye? those numbers should be much further apart and the left eye calibration lines shouldn't be visible in your right eye (and vice versa.)
Thank you, that fixed the lines showing up and was able to calibrate it properly I hope. :)
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