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Subject-13 Aug 31, 2014 @ 2:55am
After playing TF2 with the DK2 I decided to create a HUD especialy for the Rift.
With DK1 the game was barley playable but that changed with the new Development Kit. The only downside was the font size of all the HUD elements so I played around with them to make all information available.
There are still some things I want to add (ServerBrowser for example), but at this stage it is already playable.
Some weapons have special HUD elements like the revange counter for the Engineer. I tried to find all this special HUD elements and place them where they belong but I couldn't test all available items so I'm sure I forgot one or another. If you find something missing just tell me and I will add it.
MvM is not supported at the moment.

I hope you guys enjoy it and give some feedback.


Navigate to your Team Fortress Folder:
*\Steam\SteamApps\common\Team Fortress 2\tf\custom\
Extract the contents of RiftHUD_1.1.rar into the custom folder.
If you used another Version of this HUD before delete the old folder!

.) Replaced RiftHUD panel (health/ammo) to the center. Health Left, Ammo right.
.) Replaced charge meters to the center
.) Centered killstreak notice
.) Placed Spyknife (Spy-Cicle) on its right place
.) Replaced Engineer Build HUD-element to bottom-left
.) Centered all menu buttons for better readability
.) Changed Team and Class Selection to a centered simple version (took the Files from MedHud and tweaked them alot)
.) Changed position and size of Life, Health, Ammo, Roundtime. Everything is readable now.
.) Changed position of all the tiny things (Bowcharge, Ubercharge, Metal...) to get along with the rest of the HUD
.) Changed position and font of Kill Notifications (top center) (They are still not as readable as I wish)
.) Changed position, size and font of the Chat Window. Its now centered to the top under the Kill Notification.
.) Recreated the Scoreboard to a 8vs8 Board. Blue Team is on the top, Red Team is on the bottom. Playerstats are on the right. Everything is readable.
.) Added Minmode Support


Ingame Menu
Class Selection
Hud Panel
Full Hud Ingame
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DUdE Sep 1, 2014 @ 1:06am 
very good idea and awesome work!
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