Team Fortress 2
Damdsa Nov 19, 2012 @ 11:30am
Steam ♥♥♥♥ing up Tf2
Now Please Read ALL of this to Understand.Darksydedanny: I envy you right now.
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: tf2?
Darksydedanny: Mmmhmmm
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: tried reinstalling
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: flushing out mods / downloads
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: that sorta thing
Darksydedanny: -.-
Darksydedanny: I...Have...Done...That
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: watcha thinks the problem?
Darksydedanny: I hate Valve.
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: Is memory ok?
Darksydedanny: I really do.
Darksydedanny: I am Not a Computer Expert.
Darksydedanny: I do not know what you mean.
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: Have ya asked mark
Darksydedanny: He's not on my Friends list.
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: right
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: wel i cant really help ya
Darksydedanny: And I am getting very♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Darksydedanny: Everything Everyone told
Darksydedanny: NEVER ♥♥♥♥ING WORKED.
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: Well
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: if its not mods
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: maybe theres too much content in tf2 and its overloaded your memory
Darksydedanny: And how am I meant to get to my Team Fortress 2 Folder?
Darksydedanny: I run Windows XP
Darksydedanny: So
Darksydedanny: Do I jsut Delete my tf2 Folder?
Darksydedanny: tf*
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: no
Darksydedanny: What am I meant to do then?
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: that deletes the game
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: check your memory by trying to install a gam you havent installed in your library
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: it should display your memory
Darksydedanny: Darksydedanny: I am Not a Computer Expert.
Darksydedanny: Explain Further.
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: Library
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: where you startup all your steam games
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: Steam library
Darksydedanny: Yeaj
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: is there a game in the tabs that you havent installed?
Darksydedanny: No ut some need updating
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: right
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: wait
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: what abotu tf2 beta?
Darksydedanny: Un-instaled
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: right
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: go to that tab
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: then click install
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: dont install it just yet
Darksydedanny: ¬_¬
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: before it installs it comes up with a window saying how much memory it takes up and how much you already ahve
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: It say anything
Darksydedanny: At what Part of the Instal does it say that the first the second or the end?
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: 1st
Darksydedanny: Disk Space required = 4517MB Disk space Available = 237291MB
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: k
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: definately not memory related
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: It could be a recent download relating to any of your computer
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: that could conflict with something in tf2 or steam
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: or its steam thats ♥♥♥♥ing up not tf2
Darksydedanny: My last download was DLC for Dungeon Defenders...
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: either way i cant really help ya
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: The most I could suggest id reinstalling tf2
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: is it the steam window not starting tf2
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: or do you enter tf2 and it closes
Darksydedanny: No its starts then goes then never show the Valve logo
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: hm
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: I cant really help you
℧ �Gλkikrâzy� Ω: this is as far as i can take you atm
Steam might be ♥♥♥♥ing aka Valve
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