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Pyros are an extremely overpowered class and should be nerfed.[Vote Here]
Personally, I think that pyros should be nerfed. We have here, a class that can Spray and pray with a flamethrower that can also deal Damage AFTER you are done shooting it at other people(I'm fine with the bleeding effects which are practically the same). They are also fireproof and they can reflect projectiles back at you. As a player who primarily plays as a Scout, this angers me because wherever I play I see pyros that have absolutely no skill, not that it takes ANY skill to play pyro. I have met others who feel the same way and this shall serve as a call to arms for all who feel this way. (Pyro lovers, please do not troll this. This is my opinion and the class is much too overpowered for my likeing)

Edit as of 11/16/16: Everything about this thread is cringe, please stop commenting on it. I was a stupid kid 4 years ago, this is not relevant to my opinion anymore and it is filled with salt.
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Bug-a-boo 16 aug, 2012 @ 23:36 
"Something kills me, it should be nerfed"
Bug-a-boo 16 aug, 2012 @ 23:40 
Also if you're playing scout and can't kill pyros, something is very, very wrong.
If yo dumb ♥♥♥ keeps being set on fire then use mad milk. Failing that pick them off with a pistol and know where the damn health kits are.
PokeyTheCactus 16 aug, 2012 @ 23:44 
To those who are trolling^^^: I never said that I can't kill pyros. Thank you for your time ladies.
Bug-a-boo 16 aug, 2012 @ 23:58 
Who is trolling, and if you can kill them then what's the problem, if they're overpowered that would mean that they exist beyond their means in the form of attack, which they don't. Also, if someone disagrees with you, it doesn't mean they're trolling, it means they disagree.
M5000 17 aug, 2012 @ 0:07 
I dunno man, they're OP, but only when you go running at them. Remember, as most other classes, you have one thing over the pyro, and that is long-range efficacy. All the pyro gets for long range is a shotgun or a flaregun of sorts, which have limited efficacy either way. The shotgun's pellets spread out and deal almost no damage at a distance, while the flaregun is slow, easy to avoid if you're paying any attention at all, and has a lot of drop to it. Again, back off a little as nearly any other class and you'll see.

Pyro versus pyro will end like it always does: With one pyro dead and the other at very low HP. However, this is the same for pretty much any other class as well, any time you do a class x on class x battle, it's going to end closely.

Now, the only class particularly weak against pyros, in the circumstance that there is to be direct, hand-to-hand combat, not camping, is the demoman, for obvious reasons, especially if the demoman has bad aim. However, saying that pyros are completely OP is something I don't necessarily agree with.

HOWEVER... I would like to see the stock flamethrower back where it was, and the backburner's airblast removed again possibly, but mostly the stock flamethrower back to regular. The reason why I would suggest this is because the backburner has been offered as the alternative, more offensive version of the flamethrower. To have a truly offensive advantage, I believe that the backburner should have an afterburn or damage buff over all other flamethrowers, or at least the stock and degreaser, as the phlogistonator is, in my opinion, more of a ray gun. Anyhow, this is why I suggest possibly removing the airblast or something again. While I commonly use the backburner, as I have since 2009, and have grown fond of being able to reflect an occasional rocket or extinguish an occasional teammate, I'd much prefer more burn damage than an almost unusable airblast.
Krysto2012 17 aug, 2012 @ 0:25 
The only things I find particularly annoying about pyros at times:
Hit detection is horrible, when playing as you can miss at point blank because the particles just dont register. Similarly if you so much as clip a single particle it will instantly ignite you, a penalty that can cost you a max of 60 HP and a lot of aim.
Number 2 is that you can instantly airblast, and when I say instantly, I mean instantly. There is almost no delay from attacking to airblasting so a pyro with a nervous twitch can switch instantly from offense to airblast, the delay only being AFTER the airblast.

In general, I don't think the pyro needs a nerf, more so a revisioning to be more accurate and possibly a short cooldown before switching from primary to secondary fire.
Thank you for your well thought out opinions.
Benjols 17 aug, 2012 @ 7:20 
Pokey, I respect your opinion, but I feel that the Pyro is fairly balanced at the moment. While the Pyro is deadly at close range, the Pyro lacks the mobility to get into good positions quickly. Additionally, the class's ability to deal burst damage (flare guns and axtinguishers) is a little bit more situational than the options that other classes. And one thing I would also like to point out is that there is a delay in between airblasts, so Pyros can't just spam reflects against smart soldiers and demomen. I agree with you that Pyros can sometimes be extremely annoying, but I don't feel that Pyros are OP, considering their numerous weaknesses.
1000%‼ 17 aug, 2012 @ 8:22 
Just keep your range from the pyro and stay in the open, don't play his game. or just lead him towards your guys.
denz 17 aug, 2012 @ 8:49 
tbh it does feel like the range on flame throwers are a bit bigger. But other than that its nothing to get jimmies rustled over just bonk them and guillotine them
They've only buffed Pyros over time when they've been able to compete with the other classes since Launch. Honestly when the only classes that seem to have consistent counterplay to them are Heavy, Medic (Heals), and Engineer I feel it's almost a little overboard. I wouldn't say overpowered, but they're becoming common to the point where it's annoying.
Bitter 17 aug, 2012 @ 9:19 
When i startes playing tf2 during the pyro update i thought they were OP, but right now with the new class items and all i find it easy to counter them!
Mr.Hazard 17 aug, 2012 @ 9:41 
you have to ambush,extinguish,reflect,break ubers to be a good pyro. the pyros cant go head on and kill you,they have to ambush you. you are probably a scrub who cant handle being killed by a class. and if you think phlogistinator is OP,then you are a really bad player.
fisk 17 aug, 2012 @ 9:51 
SPUF found its way here fast.

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