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Fen "Curse" Mar 6, 2013 @ 6:51pm
What if....: Brutal Legend Weapons in TF2
Well in a server a few players were joking around about who could make the most OP weapons for TF2, we shared some laughs and one player thought of call of duty guns replacing other guns. I replied "that's to generic, to obvious" then it got me thinking. What if other video game weapons were used in TF2? The first game that came to my mind was Brutal Legend, seeing I've been planning to rebuy it on steam after being an idiot and trading it in. Tell me what you guys think, this is what I have so far.

Brutal Legend Weapons as used in TF2:

Guitar (Pyro): (3 styles, the hydra, the six stringed sorrow, clementine) Secondary Weapon: Fire shoot lightning from sky Alt-Fire: Pyro Attack (Alt fire Requires Taunt)
Can over heat after too much usage, when overheated cool off time is about 7 seconds.

The seperator (Scout): (2 styles, none, or Blade of Ormagoden) Reskin of Boston


Double Staff Axe (Demo): Reskin for Scottsmans Skullcutter

Ophelia's Blade (Sniper): On hit Marks For Death

Razor Bow (Heavy): Primary Weapon: Only 50 ammo, 1 shot then delayed for next shot,

deals explosive damage on hit

Decapatatioooooon! (Taunt): player air guitars and slides while a short guitar solo plays.
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Really now, what is more brutal than sneaking up behind a Sniper with the Backburner. :D
Sonu Mar 6, 2013 @ 7:25pm 
Could have been nice promos. They did that kinda thing with the Widowmaker, Machina, and Diamondback which IIRC were modeled after the Widowmaker, Longsword, and Diamondback from Deus Ex (although looking at the wiki I don't actually see too much of a resemblance between the Diamondbacks).
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i want a level 5 sentry thats a robot from gundam wing
Sonu Mar 6, 2013 @ 7:53pm 
Originally posted by Davis2110:
i want a level 5 sentry thats a robot from gundam wing
Wing? Why not Unicorn? Kshatriya's got mad funnels yo.

(or actually if you want beam spam we could look at Strike Freedom...)
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