Team Fortress 2
Tux Is gonna become tradable :D... Do you think it will be more then bud or less. explain.

I have a friend who got offered a bud from zerum.
I've been offered strange festival huntsman
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Movinfusion 3 mar, 2013 @ 21:45 
I will offer you a vinntage stfu and it has the same credibilitly I also have over 60 accounts 67 to be honest so ya inflate your price moar pls
Movinfusion 3 mar, 2013 @ 21:47 
this item will settle to 1 or 2 keys trust
and thats if if it doesnt settle to two ref or less
Sonu 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:03 
I'm reasonably sure Vintage Festive Huntsmans don't exist, so you might not want to make that trade.
Softspokenman 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:03 
lol saying you have 67 accounts is just daring valve to ban them
Dwerklesberry 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:10 
Ursprungligen skrivet av programmed:
I will offer you a vinntage stfu and it has the same credibilitly I also have over 60 accounts 67 to be honest so ya inflate your price moar pls

I have a fair few too but not that many. Yea its a joke this speculation, its a bunch of people who don't understand the small amount of demand out there has been supplied for free... many times over already. Setting up linux takes a little time, but after that logging all your accounts in and out to get a tux takes a minute or two a go.

Linux people are notoriously cheap and against the whole idea of apple like fashion/logos and the rest. So the idea that linux people would pay for this is...hilarious. Furthermore, what linux fan doesn't know how to install steam on linux? By defintion these people could do it without breaking a sweat, and probably did it when it first came out.

Ursprungligen skrivet av Softspokenman:
lol saying you have 67 accounts is just daring valve to ban them

Actually no, it means he's probably paid valve many many times what most of the other cheap people have paid to valve, you might not like it, but its people like him that support the continued development on tf2, not the guy who pays 5 dollars once and never again.

Idle accounts are not free, at some point money is thrown valves way no matter how its done.
Senast ändrad av Dwerklesberry; 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:12
Quantity does not equal price
(Unless your talking below 3-5 thousand and still if there's no demand there's no high price.).

Is there demand?

More demand than buds the most common form of currency in tf2?

Probably not.

Imo it's an average misc.

But hey these are just my own thoughts , we will see once it becomes tradeable
(Knowing how valve time works we will see in about 4 - 8 months.)
Senast ändrad av Syddhartha ॐ; 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:15
Softspokenman 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:19 
valve can ban you for any or no reason at all if they want
sure they know about idle accounts but if you make a point of flaunting it do not think their is nothing they can or will do
Sonu 3 mar, 2013 @ 22:21 
Ursprungligen skrivet av Softspokenman:
valve can ban you for any or no reason at all if they want
sure they know about idle accounts but if you make a point of flaunting it do not think their is nothing they can or will do
They can, but that doesn't mean they will.

There's always a chance, but frankly that chance is pretty small. Valve doesn't care enough to ban every person that has idles.
i hope it dosnt become tradeable. to me it looks sh*t

and if they do become tradeable there not ganna be a bud. buds came out before f2p and not alot of people could get it (not menny peole had/played tf2 on macs) and it couldnt be got by making losts of accounts (well, it could, but it would cost alot) it was allso the first all class miscs, so people wanted it

the tux on the other hand could be got by everyone, and if people wanted more that just needed to make a new free account. it allso dosnt look that good (a penguin stuck to your butt...). and the amount of tuxs that are out noe is way more then the number of buds

so all in all tuxs dosnt = same price of bud, if anything it be a ref or so
Repost from another thread:

I don't get why people think the Tux will be worth anything at all ...

I know there is the argument which is absolutely invaild IMHO.
Alot of people say that they are more valuable because there are roughly 32'000 Tuxes and around 60'000 Buds which makes them rarer.
But if this kind of logic would work the Reindoonicorn should be worth several Buds (there are only 5'000 of them). But it isn't ...

But let's ignore that ... Let's just assume they are going for one Buds as soon as they are tradable.
There are now alot Tux-Farmers and newer gamers that want to get rich by selling it.
The only people that could afford them at this price are "rich" players. And those rich players won't let the Tux become the new Buds, simply by not buying them for ridiculous prices (if they don't own one already).
Now those people that want to get rich by selling them will have the problem that there are no buyers. They can't really make any profit amongst themselves so they'll soon start competing on just managing to sell them, which will quickly crash the price.

And those high offers from different sites (mostly outpost) are most of the times people trying to inflate the price by placing fake offers.
There is enough evidence around to support this.
Just a small collection from reddit:
1) - offered 5 keys, owns a Tux
2) - epitome of scum. Hijacks other users threads. S. Ullapool looks legit. 6 keys is not. Also has the 6 keys guy running around posting on his friends' trades to top their C/Os.
4) Offered a painted bills by someone who owns one. Also, if you look at the item history of that user, you can see he's had the tux longer than the OP.
5) Offered 8 keys by someone who owns a Tux
Give it several years and it might be worth something. Most people who want the tux already have it, and lots of people that got it (me included) would happily sell it. Basically, there's much more supply than there is demand. Nevermind the farmers.

Buds are old. Buds look nice. Buds are used as a common currency. The only thing the tux has going for it is people nearly or actually scamming to bring the value up high, which as soon as it's tradable is going to go away. It's unlikely as it is for buds to be worth what they are, but having something else become as valuable is pretty near impossible.
Lol. I might keep for a few years so the value can raise.
Samoflange 4 mar, 2013 @ 14:27 
Why would valve ban someone for having 67 accounts?
Androgynous 4 mar, 2013 @ 14:44 
Supply means nothing if demand is not met. Look at all the Ellis caps in the game. The ratio of them to the Robot Chicken Hats are like 1:15, yet the Robot Chicken Hat is the same price. Well the Genuine one is, anyway, which accounts for 98% of them.

Earbuds look good because they're all class, at the time the Unusual quality didn't exist so they were the only cosmetic with particle effects -> exclusivity = higher demand, yet also subtle enough to work on all loadouts, which is good, because as I said earlier, it's an all-class misc. The high demand coupled with the low supply results in a higher price.

The Tux has a low supply, but also a low demand, which means there's more than likely more sellers than buyers, meaning that because they'll shift so slowly when they do become tradable, their price is probably going to be at it's highest when they're released (yet still small compared to earbuds right now), when people realise they're actually crap looking. It's a penguin on your♥♥♥♥♥♥ for christ sake.

It'll be like the Vintage hats again when it was announced the Unique version would be retiring, yet Vintages still rose to like 8 keys, and now the balloon / bubble has burst and they're dropping like rocks.
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