Team Fortress 2
What is the best offensive class in MVM
And whats the class loadout
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joot Mar 3, 2013 @ 6:59pm 
MVM is about people working togher. That being said, the heavy with the regular minigun seems pretty darn effective.
Oh,OK Thanks
Floaty Mar 3, 2013 @ 7:07pm 
Pyro, with the airblast, sniper with the hitman's to clear a field, medic with the kirtz the get a heavy for the tank, Heavy with stock minigun, scout with mad milk and sandman, sandman needs extra balls and the thing that makes em take mini crits from the balls, mad milk needs to slow large scouts, demo with the scottish resistance to have the extra stickies, have a krit canteen so you can make them crit stickies for the tank, Engie obviously for defense, and spy to sap them so your teammates can get em so the bomb doesn't advance
Feisty Nermal Mar 3, 2013 @ 7:31pm 
Experiance has shown to me that Soldier with the Buff Banner does very well, especially against tanks. With the right upgrades either or both the Cow Mangler and Righteous Bison do well too. Any of the other launchers are very effective too due to splash damage (except direct hit due to reduced splash radius).

Scout's primary use may be getting the money (and he gets overhealed in the process adding to survivability) but I found the Soda Popper is extremely effective here, especially if you give him piercing bullets and power upgrades. This way the crit buff from the popper does even more damage to large groups of enemies.

Demoman with any of his grenade launchers does well too since the blast does very good damage. The Loose Cannon allows you to eliminate the 2 second detonation time by charging a shot, whcih can help in any game mode but since this weapon was released in the Mecha Update it would make sense it's more useful there.

And yes, Heavy as stated before DOMINATES. Especially if he has piercing rounds, huge scores of robots will drop before they're out of the gate providing you have adequate backup. Having a second heavy, an engineer's dispenser, or a medic helps with that. Nastacha despite having weaker power than the stock minigun will force the hoard to slow down enabling for quicker kills as well.

Pyro would be tricky due to the flamethrower being a short-range primary, but the backburner can work very well despite this since the robots don't pay that much attention to what's behind them. Or if you want long range any of the flare guns could work. The regular flare gun in particular scores crits on already burning enemies which makes it helpful on the giants.

Spy is probobly the hardest to work with in Mann VS Machine due to the robots all over the place. It would take someone truly skilled to avoid getting embarressed. Though the sappers stop robots in their path, so slapping one on whoever has the bomb would help in the long run. Besides someone has to deal with the mecha engineers.

Sniper has rather limited use too, though Jarate (as well as Scout's Mad Milk) can slow down the robots a bit with an upgrade, on top of adding the mini-crit bonus. Sniper could arguibly be ideal for giants, providing there isn't a giant soldier or if a giant demoman or giant pyro bot isn't too close. Then of course the robot spies are a problem.

Medic heals, always helpful regardless. the crit buff from the Kitzkreig would help on the giants and tanks while the other mediguns' invincibility buff helps in just about any situation. And with so many enemies any of the syringe guns can score enough hits to be useful (due to the robots moving in a mob) if Medic ends up having to fight for some reason.

Engineers are extremely important, as a sentry will wipe out a lot of robots. It's why Gray Mann made those Sentry Buster robots since he knew Engineer would be a potential problem. The dispensers can be more helpful than a medic in some cases as well, and one can put up a second sentry bot with the right upgrade if they need to and the teleporters have an upgrade that enables two-way transport, very helpful.
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