Team Fortress 2
xx 2.3.2013 kello 14.04
Bigger Jerk - Sniper or Scout?
who is the biggest jerk to people?
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scout, they can camp around corners and scattergun you
Scout like ACFGamer said
napkin. 2.3.2013 kello 14.23 
Gabi 2.3.2013 kello 14.26 
In my opinion, it seems like Scout, not trying to offend anyone who likes the Scout. :P
trvsh 2.3.2013 kello 14.29 
Spy would beat all of them, in terms of personality, it's the scout but that's why we love him :3
xx 2.3.2013 kello 14.34 
lol i like peoples answers.
Sniper. Scout needs skill to play...sniper does not.
Gabi 2.3.2013 kello 14.40 
Depends, I need more skill to play as Sniper, rather than as Scout. ._.
Scout. Just listen to his voicelines.
xx 2.3.2013 kello 15.44 
Felix lähetti viestin:
Sniper. Scout needs skill to play...sniper does not.
lol Felix i think that might offend the sniper players in this disscusion :) just saying...
Mind-bogglingly bad players who think they're great and refuse to take advice even after they keep finishing entire rounds with low-single-digit points.
Renrir 2.3.2013 kello 19.45 
TheAtomicL lähetti viestin:
who is the biggest jerk to people?
Is this about the character himself or the players that play them.
If it was the character then it would be scout without a doubt.
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Näytetään 1-15 / 65 kommentista
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