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Valve needs to stop these people going around as heavies changing there names not being able to be kick and killing people with crits. I had idea's of stoping this as if anyone that happens to change there name 3 or more times in a single game is to be kicked, secondly oppisite teams should be able to vote to kick a person on oppisite teams. I REALLY HOPE THEY DO SOMETHING SOON CAUSE 2 GAMES IN A ROW IS VERY ANNYONING AND HAS TO BE DELT WITH. please show ur support
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i saw that before yeah i hate hackers
Yeah I hear you on that. I recently had a game with a scout ubering himself and then he went pyro and did the same thing.

The other game I went to later that night a heavy had a speed hack where he would run 5 times faster than a scout.

Both People changed their name and then other ppl vote to kick the innocent people which is total bs

Yeah it sure takes the fun out of the servers
Hacking is a BIG sign of lack of achievement and sucking at life in general
Renny 2013年2月27日 15時38分 
Jackooh の投稿を引用:
Hacking is a BIG sign of lack of achievement and sucking at life in general

Or just very bored with the game and want to try something new for once while getting the attention they crave.
Axil 2013年2月27日 15時57分 
Just report the hacker and move on. Valve does their best to squash cheaters, however, it isn't 100% perfect. Where ever you go, hackers will follow.
I had not noticed obvious cheating before, until on one server a heavy was moving instantly from place to place with minigun way faster than with the gloves of swiftness, including jumping on top of buildings. And when teams switched, there was a sniper on our team that was flitting back and forth instantly like a spaz attack. Someone also started playing music through a whole game, randomly changing to different voice names on both teams, which became apparent when I saw my name. Normally when I use voice I just see (!), not my name. So the name you see might not be the guilty party.
m1saka 2013年2月27日 16時33分 
VAC is ♥♥♥♥,valve needs to get a better anti cheat system,because some ♥♥♥♥ cheat in leagues....♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥,no one has been vac banned from that,even self programmed anti cheats like ESEA'S anti cheat is better,if someone is pro at coding and codes a hack,they can bypass vac many ways.
yesss, valve need more security, i hate ♥♥♥♥in hackers
Ecolo 2013年2月27日 16時52分 
They could also add the ability to kick by player slot rather than name.
Reporting for cheating is as useful as reporting for abuse, nothing ever happens. Even with video proof I know I have done it a couple times. It is just getting worse and worse, by passing VAC apparently and idiot can do it consitering how many chaters I see. Also some days I get into a game hackers like obvious ones, next 5-8 games same exact thing
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there should be a suspension when a number of kicks have been made againest you within a certian time pierod
Pagan 2013年2月27日 19時02分 
They will be banned, there's no VAC proof hacking tool, just a matter of time.
You sure about that, they even say it isn't perfect. And plus I belive it more for 3rd party app hacks.
type status in console, you can get their steam id. go spectate, record a demo. type record demoname and it will record it as long as you are spectating that guys pov you have him dead to rights. upload the file to a file locker site and go to the guys steam profile using the information from the status command, report user misconduct from there, post links to evidence. you can change your name, you can't change your steam id.
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